1. Mishell

    Your thoughts on sunday pets dry pet food please

    Ingredients are as follows for the Sunday pets grain free range of food I'm looking at here in Australia Meat and meal ( min78%) including meat and bone range lamb,fish meal,vegetables (min10%) including potatoe carrot pumpkin celery.fruits (min5.5%)including Apple,blueberry,egg...
  2. Goob14

    Still Having the Same Trouble...Paw Licking

    I have posted about this topic before but here it is again. Goob LOVES to chew his bone all day long. Not a problem. It is his favorite toy. The problem comes after he chews. He lathers up A LOT of saliva. THIS>>>> TURNS INTO THIS>>>> Meet Mr. Santa Clause Now, I have tried keeping the bone...
  3. N

    Big Bone, Small Door.. What's A Girl To Do?

    This cracked me up. Russet (named after the is trying to get her bone out the doggie
  4. 2BullyMama

    Random pictures of Lambeau

    Just some pics of the little piss-pot chilin He actually watched Cheli do this once and picked up on it. They force the antler into the space between the baseboard and rug to hold it while they chew the other end. His first marrow bone... went at it like a champ
  5. B

    Too Big and Too Hyper = Problems

    Baxter isn't big compared to most EB's. But he's still 55lbs of solid muscle in the front half of his body. People comment all the time that he looks like a bodybuilder. Combine this with the fact that he's probably the most hyper EB I have ever dealt with. I mean he will run full speed...
  6. BrianW

    The Chicago English Bulldog March 2015 Meetup

    If you are in the Chicago Illinois area, please come and join us for a Playdate at Paradise 4 Paws. Paradise 4 Paws is the premier resort for dogs and cats, which also has this really cool bone shaped pool. No worries, because there are always Lifeguards on duty to watch all the pups and help...
  7. MamaAndi

    Laser Pointer to Beat Cabin Fever!

    So...Tank is 5 and I have all but given up on him being "active". He likes to sleep and chew his bone, and eat of course but other than that, he is content with life. Well, we also have a Great Dane puppy who is very active! And suffering major cabin fever as we recently got about 13 inches of...
  8. bullmama

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! KRIKKET ~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

    Krikket's Story... Welcome Krikket to CEBR. She's 5 years old and has lived her entire life outside with JoJo . Her only purpose to her previous owners was to breed her and make them money. Thanks to Andrew one of our great volunteers who drove many miles to pick up this beautiful girl . She...
  9. M

    Vomiting after raw beef knuckle bone?

    I bought Buttercup a beef knuckle bone from the meat market today to try to improve her dental hygiene. She licked and chewed at it for a few minutes then stopped, gave me an "I did something bad and now I'm in trouble" look, then promptly vomited 4 times. She didn't eat any of the bone itself...
  10. MClark

    Help Needed! In-Grown Tail Pocket

    My Bulldog will be getting his "tail" removed due to chronic tail pocket infections. After 2 years a vet finally takes the time to Xray his tail area and we found out the little nub of a tail he does have is actually just skin. He has no tail bone near his "skin where a tail should be" so they...
  11. TylerV76

    Good teething alternatives

    So Georgia has settled in and decided shes home and in doing so has taken claim to things to teeth on that arent really intended for teething. Mainly its my shoes, blankets, socks, parts of the couch, pillows, fingers, etc. She has a teething toy she couldnt care less about and half of walmarts...
  12. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Momo~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

    MoMo is 20 months old (born 4/1/13), neutered and mostly house-trained although he does have some accidents. He came into rescue emaciated and sick and had a severely infected tail which needed to be amputated and he is now happy and pain free. He does have some crate anxiety so he should not...
  13. Vikinggirl

    Today's Dinner

    We bought a spiral ham for Christmas, but there was so much food, we didn't cook it. I decided to cook it today. This is the finished product. Mmm. Looks like we're going to be eating ham for a few days, and I'll have to make a ham and pea soup with the bone. Anyone have any good recipes for...
  14. M

    My First month with Bella

    7 weeks old 9 weeks 10.5 weeks for Christmas. She got a sliced round piece of a bone, this bone was for the wolf hound / great dane mix. But she LOVED knawing on it for a bit since He didn't mind sharing. Her outfit has already been outgrown even with expanding with Velcro. Time for a...
  15. C

    New Bulldog Owner

    Hey there, My name is Chris that's going to be a week that Gaia my 3 month old English Bulldog is home. On so many point, she is awesome . She sleep at night, stay in her crate, poop outside, doing pretty going when I am at work. But I would need help on some point. She is not playing with her...
  16. Opie CHL

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE ~Vladimir~ English Bulldog/Terrier Available for Adoption in Nevada~

    Vladimir Vlad is a 4 year old Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix. Vlad has turned out to be an awesome dog. After he got over his initial shyness his cute personality began to shine. Vladimir loves smaller dogs, he spends hours playing with the Frenchies and even when a spat breaks out, which...
  17. G

    9 year old bully can't see

    Hi. I have a 9 year old bully. He has dry eye and Ive used ointment in them every day to help produce tears-optimune. I took him out last night to pee and he seemed a little confused and staring at things. When I got him inside I realized he couldn't see. He could see shadows but that is it. I...
  18. D

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Auggie & Brewer~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Southern California

    Adult • Male • Medium Pet ID: Auggie&Brewer_courtesy • Spayed/Neutered • Shots Current • Primary Color(s): Red, Chestnut or Orange • Secondary Color(s): White or Cream • Coat Length: Short Hello, We are the Auggie and Brewer brothers!! Auggie: I’m a 65 lb bundle of energy!! From the second I...