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  • Your training videos give me hope for my deafie. I knew adopting a deaf dog would be challenging but there have been times I felt I am in over my head. Thank you for posting them. I'd love to see more, your pups are rock stars!
    Happy birthday!!! and :halloween1:You have been hit by a Trick or Treater!! Pass it on to 5 people but you cant return it to the one that tricked you!!
    Thinking about you, Honey and praying over you & yours <3
    But...I want you to take action, do not be like I've been...2 years
    of just existence. Get him a better therapist that can help Colin
    find his self again...YOU can't continue to do it all for him. Love You!
    Oh my gosh, Honey...really...many here are worried for your
    absence from EBN and worried for Olive. EBN is not the same
    without your supportive, funny & wise counsel, I say this with
    total honesty. Chumley & I said the same to one another just
    this week. would NEVER bring negative aura, Honey.
    Sometimes life is too much and we withdraw for awhile and if
    you're doing that, okay but DO NOT stay away thinking you'll
    bring us down. Let these good EBNer's supportive, caring words
    and their prayers and positive thoughts fill your heart, if not but
    for a minute, it helps you more than you think. Part of coming up
    from the darkness & heavy weight of depression. Let us help you,
    you've helped us when we reached are always there for
    others, Pati. It's okay to be down, none of us can fight these daily
    battles, issues & worries that life is made up of, today. It takes a
    village! Let EBN be your village, Honey, you are loved here <3
    Everyone's PMing me asking if I've heard from you.
    We miss you on EBN.

    How is your sweet daughter? And how are you?

    Sending Easter hope that GOD favors you & yours
    in a mighty way. Praying for you, dear one~Love you!
    Hi Pati, Hope you are well!
    There is a guy on the special needs bulldogs site that has a deaf bully, here is his message, i thought maybe you could help him out, his user name is Tattedguy0311: Hey y'all I was wondering how many of y'all that have deaf bullies have taught them sign language and how well they took to it? I taught my boy basic sign he took to it extremely well and is very reactive / responsive to the commands he sees my self or other people he trusts...
    Continued prayers for you, dear Pati and for Colin & your children.
    Depression magnifies all problems, I know it well. And, like you, I
    have no one to help me, I understand how lonely you feel, like no one
    cares but I do and plenty here, do. I pray GOD brings better health to
    Colin and lifts these worries off you. Praying too, these problems get
    solved and better days for everyone, asap. Hugs for you & love<3
    Sending BIG HUGS and WET KISSES...fight against the depression
    you're feeling, my dear friend. Prayers of protection being said over
    you. Love YOU!
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