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  • No problem at all... I was checking on the thread anyway. Do they still think it was a stomach bug?!!
    I have nooooo idea lol I used to think he was really tall but next to another local EB he was near enuff the same height. He doesnt have much of a nose rope though more like an Oeb (pics make him look like he hasnt got one at all for some reason but he does have a bump there lol) we dont mind though hes still our baby boy no matter what he is :) xxx
    Thankyou :) we are still trying to figure out if he is EB or EB & OEB mix lol.. hes still in the ganggly stages hes 11 months old and changing everyday but starting to grow out a bit now! Its a great site u've joined and everybody is so welcoming, friendly and helpful xxx
    Hi and welcome :-) im not only from Wales im just down the road from you in Newport :) where to in Cardiff are you? Lily is such a cutie. How old is she? xx
    Pati, Your very welcome, and your pets are Awesome, I Love Bully's with all my heart, and your special needs child is just so Amazingā€¦. I know it takes a lot of effort and Love on your part to accomplish what you have with herā€¦ā€¦ Your kids are Awesome, and love seeing you here, you will learn so much, no matter what your skill level, Every day is a learning experience for me, and everyone else I see on here. This site is truly all about our pets, The Love and dedication is amazing here, truly sincere and heart felt. Glad you liked the Welcome gift, and I very much look foreword to seeing your posts and pictures hereā€¦ā€¦:yes:
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