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  • I recall seeing Tate nibble on one of the new plants I have out there. He always gravitated towards that particular flower (i have a few of the same ones planted throughout), and i'd shoo him away. So i'm thinking maybe it was that?! as far as Finn, he didn't eat any plants. He would sometimes chew on the bark in the mulch but i made sure to get all organic, no chemicals but even so, could still cause GI problems if ingested. OR, it was a stress colitis from the hip injury? Stool looks better this am, thankfully. Now I watch them like a hawk whenever they go in the backyard. I think I've aged 10years in the last 2weeks, btw!! LOL.
    Hi! Well, Finn's pain seems to have subsided greatly b/c the challenge now is trying to keep him calm. I feel so bad that he's couped up in the house so much; right now we r outside and i'm trying to not have him chase the squirrels but that effort is proving to be futile! His BM's have firmed up a bit, still a little bit of blood yesterday but less than before. Tate is doing well and his BM's are pretty normal now (lovely how we discuss our bulldog's toilet habits, eh?!). I did start that probiotic on both of them too. Thanks for asking about them. :) I hope you guys are doing well and staying healthy!
    I have been a hot mess all day long. My co-workers know me & my love for Tyson, so they just keep coming and patting my back, LOL ... good Lord the tears of joyous today. Sorry to make you cry... I just feel talking about it make me heal more... xoxo to you.
    Yeah, I didn't see the beef anywhere on any of the lists. That's why I swapped it out for that. I switched it last night. He's always been on surf & turf, so this is basically the same minus the surf.
    Your boys S&C eat any of the listed recall? Tyson is on the surf & turf, the bag I had at home was on the voluntary list. I just went and swapped it out for Super Beef instead from different lot #.
    Okay, my head must not be screwed on right today. I thought I was looking at the Trizchlor, guess I wasn't? Too much research all at once. LOL Brain fail.
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