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  • Thinking of you today, dear Lynn & your pack.

    Sending love to all with prayers for blessings, XOXO
    Thank goodness, y'all answered the post from New Zealand,
    I just couldn't. Am praying that poor bully passes soon. Am
    heartily sick of people and happy staying home. Finances are
    strained, may turn off Internet! Full of these morons.
    I love you, my dear soul sister, have been thinking about you too ;)

    I'm hanging in there is about all I can say, when you're poor, chronically ill
    and alone life is just endless struggles (you know). Sure wish Congress cared
    about US citizens & helped us as they do about illegal NON citizens. I can barely
    feef myself on SS, can't afford a pet! Praying for us all, big hugs to you & Crew, XOXO
    Hi YA honey!!! Things are crazy busy at work so I am limited to time online.... the boys are doing fantastic and loving life. Going raw was such a blessing for Lambeau... all his ear issues are gone and his SFA is totally cleared up. Sorry I keep missing you... I love all your posts and the insight/ knowledge you provide to help our members.... give all the kiddos big hugs from me, please
    Your are VERY welcome... I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. We are finally getting better somewhat, it's been a helluva of a New Year so far :wallbang:
    Been thinking about you lately, miss you tons. I've been really slacking on EBN, so tired, and so much work. How is your crew doing??? Hugs Hugs, and more hugs!
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