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  • Thank you, sweet lady for my Birthday wishes!! It is a lonely day(again) but you all have made it special!!!:yes:
    Thank you for the welcome.
    A friend had rescued Aspin and later was hospitalized long term. The folks he asked to care for Aspin didnā€™t. I rescued her and when her returned, he said he could not care for her as needed. I kept her. So, she was twice rescued. I think she between eight and ten years old. I have owned dogs all my life, dachshund, poodles, and mutts. He had her on medicine for the Vet and special food. However, this was not working. Now Iā€™m reaching out to other Bulldog owner in the hopes that I can help her be more comfortable.
    Thank you for the welcome. Im from the philippines i have 1 adult EB male ans i have one female puppy coming this month...
    Hi I really need some advice I have a 18 week old bully. Every 4-5 days he gets really sick and vomits the whole contents of his stomach up. He gets very unwell he seems to not be able to control his wee and will not play or even come out of his bed. I have had him at the vets 3 times and all they keep saying is give him chicken and rice this works for a few days then we are back to being sick again.please give some advice as I really want him to get better.
    Thank you so much for the welcome! I love my Bruni so much, and I am in need of how to care for her properly for her sake. My last bully did not have allergies, so this is all new. We love her so much, my hubby and I have redone the entire backyard in shells and doggy turf to take care of grass allergies best we can, LOL! Yes, we ache ALL over! We have a boston terrier and a chihuahua, also. I'm just looking for advice and to share pictures and smile over posted pictures! (Bruni just turned 2 - great birthday party)!!!
    Thank you for welcoming us! I have two bullies that are two years old, one of which was born deaf, and am so glad to meet all of you! I've had bullies for years and believe their hearts and souls are beyond compare! Thank you again!
    Thanks for the welcome.. I'm happy I found a forum like this.. hope to meet more people on here and learn more about BD's.. Thanks again..
    My name is Cathie. I have a 6 month old bully Daisy Mae a 6 year old Giant Schnauzer named Izzie and a 4 year old Great Dane named Lola. The bully is a new breed for me
    Hi everyone I am new to this forum and excited to be part of this community. I have a concern I would like to share about my 7 month old Stella which is the best place to ask and share
    Hello �� thank you for the welcome. Sorry I'm replying so late after your message. I just realized how to do it �� I'm a newbie at blogs and forums like these ��
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