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    I am looking for some advice, my son has a bulldog, Frank who is about a year old. He has started getting hotspots on his skin and has antibiotics and treatments from the vet. As soon as he finishes the antibiotics it flares up again. My son is struggling to keep up with this financially and is worried about him, do any of your members have any advice? Thanks, Steph
    Thank you. I'm really hoping I can get some great advice for my Hank. I got him when he was a year old. He has chicken and grain allergies and pancreatitis. I have had so much problems with trying to find a dogfood that he can eat without messing his stomach up. He is on grainfree food but I'm wondering if the probiotics in his food is contributing to his issues. Hes passing bloody loose stool again. Any suggestions???
    Thank you for the welcome! We are new to the EB breed and have jumped in with everything having added TWO furbrothers to our home. I have had other breeds but look forward to learning more about them and how we can keep them happy and healthy members of our family!!
    Hey Tracey, thank you for the nice welcome message. Diesel and I look forward to meeting tons of new friends and learning lots of information about the English Bulldog Community :D
    HI there Tracey thank you for the nice welcome! Me & Diesel look forward to meeting new friends:)
    Thanks the the welcome and information. I started a blog, Allergies, sores and scratching.. So many of the members offered information and assistance. My Aspin is getting better and I so appreciate the help. My guess that there are a lot of blogs on this subject. I needed assistance quickly and i got lots of good information.
    Hi Tracy
    Thank you for the welcome to the community.
    Very blessed to have found this site and already received responses to my issue/question.
    Lynne & Shirley Wigglebutt
    Hi Tracey. No, I really tried to get in touch with Carol, and I did look on Facebook because she contacted me there a long time back. There has been no contact since then, and I, too, am afraid she passed away. Very sad.
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