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    Jewel's Trip To The ER

    OMG... I'm so very sorry to read this, I can't even... :( I'm pretty much over this year as well... we can't seem to catch our breath. Praying that Jewel has a smooth recovery, and praying for you as well my friend...
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    Head tremors are frightening... I'm so sorry! I usually will try a treat or last resort some Karo Syrup... I would touch base w/the vet to see what they advice.
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    Is bear too small??

    I think baby Bear is perfect... you have done a fantastic job of taking good care of him :heart:
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    Is bear too small??

    I don't think it's anything to worry about, he's still young... it takes about 3 years for bullies to reach full potential. Typically they grow up and then out... Lol My Willow is tiny... only weighing about 40 pounds. The vet said she could be a mini version, but both of her parents were...
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    Should we neuter or not?

    Tri-colored bulldogs aren't accepted colors in the AKC/CKC, and some designer bulldogs may have undesirable genetic traits. Unfortunately some breeders who are well aware of these issues will breed regardless of this, and charge over the top prices for these babies. Neutering IMO is a...
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    WOW... okay, it sounds to me as if Marty needs a little understanding of WHO is in charge here. My first question would be is he neutered? Has he had a full vet exam to make sure there is nothing physical going on as well... we had aggression issues w/our male, and it was almost 99% reversed...
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    My aged bully has scaly sores/never stops

    Can you post pics?!! Has the vet done a skin scrape to rule out mange or a staph infection?
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    Meet Sadie

    Gosh she is beautiful!!! I have always wanted a GSD, but I wanted to wait till my kiddos were moved out, at this rate I'll have one in the nursing home... :LOL:
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    Hello - meet Millie Two Scoops Vanilly

    Welcome to EBN!!! Your baby is precious... :love:
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    Swollen Face, help!

    Giving him benadryl will help, but he needs to be seen by an emergency vet ASAP!!! His throat can swell if he is having an allergic reaction, and that could have deadly consequences...
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    Our life with Blossom

    She is gorgeous... amazing to be 14 years old!!!
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    Happy New Year to you all!!!
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    Winter 🤬

    What I wouldn't give for some colder weather... it was 75 degrees here in TN, and our allergies are going crazy!!!
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    Merry Christmas from Chunky and I

    Merry Christmas!!!
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    Merry Christmas Everyone‼️

    Merry Christmas!!!