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  • I told you so . Jack's just starting to engage in play with Wilson but we have to monitor him as he's still on pain meds. He's doing so much better everyday. He's still swollen in the joints in the front legs, but at least he can yawn now. Poor thing couldn't even yawn due to the pain in his jaw. Enjoy you're chaos like I do. Ok, most the time I enjoy it, lol.

    I don't quite have this message thing down so I may have posted this twice to you.
    Oh you will love the walks and so will he! We take him for walks at night when we get home from work! Tank sees the leash and goes crazy!
    Tank has had all of his shots and will not need anymore until a year from now! Right now I am looking into some training classes to teach him all the fun basics:-)
    well hope to keep in touch and maybe we can get our babies together some time!
    Tank is almost 4 months old. He has a lot of black birth marks coming in on his belly and around his ears...we love them tho! A lot of character:-) we are in Moreno valley, so not too far! Is he ur first bulldog you have owned? We sure are loving him a bunch.....
    Tate is adorable! My boys name is Tank and he is all white as well! I see your from southern cal? What part?
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