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  • Yes, Tate is my 1st bulldog. He's my baby--he's very affectionate and loves attention! oh, and of course, loves to eat too. He just ate his dinner and now is having some apple slices for "dessert" :)

    Moreno Valley is not too far at all--i remember spending an entire summer there many years ago when i had to do a summer school class at UC Riverside, back in the late 80's!

    Did Tank already get his full set of puppy shots? Tate will get his 3rd set tomorrow. I haven't been taking him out to public places yet b/c he hasn't had all the shots yet so i'm looking forward to taking him for a walk in the next couple wks.
    thank u!
    i thought Tank looked like Tate! Tate is all white except for two fawn spots--one on top of his head, the other near his butt.
    how old is Tank again?
    Tate's 3mos old.

    We live in Pasadena. How 'bout you?
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