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    Ready for Game day!

    Bruno looks GREAT in his jersey! Very handsome bully! 🥰
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    Dave the bulldog pup

    That's an amazing story! Welcome to bulldog-parenthood :) And Welcome to EBN! :smileywelcome:
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    Getting Ripped Off at Vet's

    That's awesome, Christine! I think my vet's office has been very overwhelmed and under-staffed lately (not that this justifies the big price hikes on meds). You are fortunate to have a great vet!
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    My bully baby boy's birthday today

    Happy Birthday, Baldur James! You have the sweetest smile. Hope you have a wonderful day :luv::birthday:
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    Getting Ripped Off at Vet's

    I hear you! Interestingly, my boy Finn is also on Optimmune--that little tube is expensive but works wonders, doesn't it? I may call some pharmacies to compare prices for that one.
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    Getting Ripped Off at Vet's

    Thanks, this is very interesting. I completely understand marking up the cost of the drug, but to mark it up 150% in my example (if i did my math correctly) seems very over-the-top. I'm a pharmacist myself and though I don't have my own practice, I understand that drug mark-ups are necessary...
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    Getting Ripped Off at Vet's

    will do from now on! for sure (y)
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    Getting Ripped Off at Vet's

    This is a Vet VENT: I just paid overy $50.00 for a neo/poly/dex eye ointment at the Vet's office. I checked on Chewy dot com and this same medication is <$13.00!!! I feel like such a dumb dumb now. :*(
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    The loss of my little boi, Boobies

    I’m so very sorry to hear of Boobies’ passing. I know your hurting so much 🥲❤️ Boobies is now your Guardian Angel. He is still with you and living in your heart. 💗💗💗
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    Pseudomonas Infection

    Thanks gang. The wound SEEMS to be improving. The area is very thick too, if that makes sense. I did get the Nu Stock and have applied it once already a few days ago and will do it again today . i’m attaching a photo of what it looks like.
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    Witts end with aggression.

    You've already gotten lots of great advice/feedback so I just wanted to add to what Tracey said, you are definitely NOT alone! Finn was very shy when I first brought him home at 12weeks of age but after adjusting to his new home, that changed completely. He became dominant over Tate and would...
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    Pseudomonas Infection

    Hi all, My bully Tate has had a skin wound on his hind leg for over a year now. The vet at first treated him with a cephalosporin antibiotic (Simplicef) which seemed to "cure" it but once the regimen ended, the wound recurred. The latest vet took a smear of the wound and found that one of the...
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    I like Tequila…and I really like…

    It's not cheap but that's definitely a cool collectible. (y)
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    It's Been Awhile

    I remember you! 😁 Thank you for the warm welcome!
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    It's Been Awhile

    Thanks Lisa! :love: