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  • Thank you for the welcome note! We just recently adopted a 6 year old English and wanted to make sure we are doing the best we can for her. She appears to be adjusting well to our routines and to the routines of our 2 other 15 year old dogs! I
    look forward to expanding my knowledge about the breed and may have questions along the way!!
    Thank you for the Welcome, that was so nice and appreciated. I'm so happy I found this site.. Looking forward to participating...
    Thanks for the welcome message Henny xxx
    Thx for the welcome. I am a proud owner of a male bully!! Just had the poor guy tear an acl in his left leg Christmas Day. I am so sad. I can't afford the $3000 surgery right now so put a post up to see if anyone has ever had a bully recover from this on there own. I have been reading a lot about other breeds healing on there own. But nothing on bulldogs. I am heart broken.
    Thanks for the message. Tank is my first English bulldog. I've wanted one for years. He will be home on Wednesday. I cannot wait. My mother passed away this year so my husband bought Tank for me and being so excited it's helping me get through the first Christmas without my mom. I've been doing a lot of research on the breed and we went through bulldog pros out of Missouri. Beth is a wonderful woman and she takes really good care of her puppies. I'm trying to figure out how to show you a pic of tank
    THANK YOU OH SO MUCH HENNY, I AM SO EXCITED TO BE A PART OF SOMETHING FOR NOTHING BUT LIVING RO LOVE THESE BEAUTIFUL BABIES, CALLED ENGLISH BULLDOGS. I will Hopefully have more time now ,with a break in school to be able to chat up learning how to better ourselves as Bulldog Mommies, and daddies. Thank you Cari.
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