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  • Happy Birthday, Leesa...hope it's as wonderful as you are!
    Praying GOD favors, protects & blesses you thru out this year :)
    Cami & I send sloppy kisses & clumsy bully hugs.
    We are sad that your heart hurts so much missing
    sweet Madison. Keeping you in prayer.
    :snowballfight: :christmas11::christmas11:The First Snowball Fight is officially on!! SPLAT, GOTCHA, PASS IT ON, BUT YOU CAN'T GET THE ONE WHO GOTYOU!
    Looks to me like you have too! How wonderful and just as it should be. I'm so happy for you Leesa!! :hug:
    Oh Leesa, how exciting! I wonder occasionally how you are and how's life and the bullies. I'm so happy for you. Many changes are coming your way as you probably already know....you know, less space in the bathroom, more items to pick up now, more laundry to do, dinners to be cooked, etc. Isn't it just wonderful though. It's so good to see you!!!! :hug: :D
    :halloween4: You've been hit by a trick-or-treater! Pass it on to 5 people but you can't return it to the one who tricked you! :halloween5:
    :halloween17: You have been hit by a Trick or Treater!! Pass it on to 5 people but you cant return it to the one that tricked you!!
    ha ha that sounds like me..I told my wife Saturday Id rather stay in the backyard and bbq and light a fire. She wanted to go to the beach in the Jeep..which is fun but its 2 hrs prep and 3 hrs cleanup for a few hours on the beach at night..Im boring too I guess!!
    Well, here's the NEW problem, finding a dog friendly LAKE in which to take them for a spin. I haven't tried them on them yet either. I want to associate getting them on with actual swimming -- which I know they'll love.

    Yesterday, we took a hike to a place called "Hidden Lake" --- suggested to me by another dog person -- but clearly she didn't take in to account that EBs are NOT athletic hikers! That terrain was Labrador Material! We all three made it to the creek, had a nice cool dip and a drink -- but no real swimming. :-( Monday (I don't work Mondays) the weather is heating up again and we WILL find a lake and we WILL take pictures and they WILL go swimmin' for REALS!!! LOL
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