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  • My husband wants a female next [: I'm just not sure when to get another because my Stoagie is only 4 months and I want to make sure he's funny trained and good to go before starting on another. lol. Then again I kinda want a cat.....its a dilemma XD hahaha. Is your son in boot camp right now?
    I know I liked him too I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :( lol I can't wait for the next episode. How is it having 2 bulldogs?? I only have one and I already want another lol
    Ok[: Meeting up sounds great! [: I take my baby to the dog park frequently and he loves it so I know he'd love playing with a bunch of other bullies. Keep me updated on if anything is going to go on because I'm definitely interested. And SOA is my OBSESSION! lol. Though the last episode made me cry :( My husband recently purchased a Harley over the summer so I love it even more now lol. And as far as your son goes I'm here whenever if you need to talk I'm good at that [:
    yes, I did!!! Thank you so much. Haven't ordered them yet, but I know what sizes to get now thanks to you. You should also find some other familiar names and bullies on here too, Lonna (Harley and Raven) and Rick (Gizmo). There are a couple of more, but can't think of them right now. I love this site! BDW is great too but I like to have more than one site and meet just that many more bully crazy people! Reminds me I am not alone in my addiction LOL
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