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  • Hun, I worry about you, do you ever sleep?!!

    I also worry that you worry too much about every one
    but yourself...don't do that! You are ONE person and
    you are a priceless treasure. Please take care of you :)

    Sending much, much love, my darling friend.

    Did you & your Sissies have a great time?
    Thank you Christine, your prayers are worth millions to me, truly :)

    Thankfully the shutdown is over but it's backed everything up for who
    knows how long espec. new applications. I will push thru, Hun, not to
    worry, just having a meltdown today over everything. Love YOU
    No, Christine...I truly appreciate your telling me...that's what FRIENDS DO :)

    I sent her a PM saying I assumed~that is wrong& asking for her forgiveness.

    Yes *another big sigh* when weather changes I suffer, our temps are all over
    the place and damp too. My worst problem is I'm off my most effect pain med,
    Vicodin, that I've been on 5 years, no one will dispense it now except pain
    specialists. I lost Hubby's Blue Cross insurance, I am waiting for Medicaid to
    cover me but just as my waiting period ended the gov shut down so who knows
    now? I just don't have the funds to private pay (doing that for my other drs &
    meds now) the pain doc...pain just takes everything good in a person away...
    I HATE IT and living like this! Okay, rant over, you're wonderful to listen, Hun.
    Oops...sorry I was a bit snarky to the cookie post (that now may have
    been dog treats)...I'll make nice to her. Should have stayed off this am,
    was tired (insomnia due to body pain)...Sigh...somehow, someway I have
    to overcome my 'stuff' . Thanks for telling me...hoping you are doing well,
    Christine, I think of you so often! Much, much love!
    Yeah, I'm sorry, I feel like I've let too much of my emotional state
    come thru lately, was going to take a break from EBN but I think
    I've rallied somewhat...just had some major heartbreaks go on and
    my family are just users & takers, wish I'd never moved back (which
    I did so they could visit Mother before she's completely gone in her
    mind (she is now) been here a year, my 3 siblings & their kids have
    not visited ONCE or offered to help in any way. Then, got news my BIL
    was in Dallas jail on felony charges of assaulting a cop (drunk)...sent
    me into deep depression as I've sacrificed money, time & just been
    there for him even as I've been so overwhelmed w/everything for him
    to just screw up so badly. It happened the anniversary of Stuart's death
    (Aug 21st) so I was already depressed. And my son continues to be an

    I'm just sick of all of them & trying to figure out how to get myself well.

    I'm glad things are going better for you, Hun :)
    Thank you for all my 'likes' , If I'm pleasing you
    with my advice I know I'm on the right track :)

    How is everything w/you lately? Feeling better?
    How bout your adorable bullies?

    I really love you, Christine!
    I think I've shared this with you before, but I discovered him just days before his passing. I was looking for a great photo for the caption contest and came across him. Then proceeded to look through your albums AND then discovered his videos. I spent several hours browsing. I was going to use the photo of him and banks spooning. My caption was going to read "Spooning: You're doing it right". But, I neglected to do it.
    Distractions are good for you!! especially those fun kind w/your family and friends. You need those so I hope you have things planned for yourself in the coming days/weeks :)

    You will be okay, my friend. Hang in there. And know i'm here if you ever need to talk.

    Thanku for the gift too. :luv:
    Oh, my dear, big :hug::hug: to you too!!

    I think of your Nitschke often. The little guy really made such an impression on me! I know it's not the easiest time of year when you've experienced a loss like you have...i myself get so emotional over past losses, i find myself in tears driving to work when i hear a Christmas song, or when I watch that Charlie Brown Christmas special!!

    It's good to cry though...so I just wanted you to know that you are and have been in my thoughts and that Nitschke brought me (and others!), lots of happiness while getting to know him on EBN.

    Thanku for the profile pic compliment! looks can be deceiving,eh?! heehee...
    I feel so so bad for you.. I know its inevitable that we all are going to have to go through it.. I can only imagine how hard it is.. I will be thinking and praying for you guys. We are right near the art museum area.. off Kelly Drive.. but my husband said to tell you we are not yuppies! :ROFL:
    I have been thinking of you all day .. I am so very sorry. I am glad you have all of us here to hold you up and help you through. <3 Love, Karen
    I'm so sorry, Christine. I grew to love Nitschke as you would share about him and Banks. My thoughts are with you. We love you.
    My heart is breaking for you. Let all his sweet memories and the fact you will see him again bring you comfort. You are in my prayers. RIP sweet
    My sincerest sympathy and heart goes out to you. Please know that I will continue to pray for you my friend. Peace be with you.
    I'm thinking of you and Nitschke. I know this is really tough for you but stay strong and know that Nitschke's in good hands.
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