can a bully have sleep apnea?


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Jan 15, 2011
NE Indiana
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occasionally at night i hear Bullet make these gasping noises. sometimes i can't really hear him breath and then he will gasp a time or two and then continue to snore. at the same time he tends to be dreaming a little. i sometimes pet him and talk softly to see if i can get him out of that deep sleep without startling him but it usually doesn't phase him. i have been trying to make a short video to share as i don't know how to exactly explain it. he pretty much snores the whole night so if i don't hear him by chance, i panic a little and must check on him.

anyone else have experience with this? :confused:


Jul 31, 2010
Grafton, OHIO
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I know what you mean ... Maggie sleeps on our bed and snores/breathes heavily pretty much all the time. Then all of a sudden there will be these gaps of silence and it does freak you out!! I don't know if it is sleep apnoea or not .. or just something that these "short nosed/faces" breeds do!!??!!


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Aug 13, 2010
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Lex does the same exact thing and scares the :poo: out of me! I run my hand from his face all the way down and then he starts snoring again.. In march we are having his nasal Passage opened up cause he's is very very narrow I was wondering if that's why he was doing that and hoping that after surgery he wouldn't be Doin that.


Aug 12, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
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Sometimes I have to listen to determine if it is HRH or Lari snoring loudly... LOL But Ive never noticed what you are describing. .... Seems like you aren't alone by the replies so far.


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Jan 25, 2011
Fontana, CA
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When my first skin son was born I use to worry he wasn't breathing and actually put a mirror up to his mouth. LOL I laugh at myself now for doing it. I have actually worried the same way for my bullies and wait for their diaphragms to move. I guess it is just built into us to worry. Wilson is normally a big snorer but today I don't hear him so I've tip toed over to his crate and waited to see him move or twitch. He did but I guess I'm a heavy breather cause he opened his eyes in surprise. I'm trying two Benadryls on him cause he's having such a rough time with his allergies even with his prescribed vet meds. He's a 67 lb big and tall bully so I guess he can handle it.
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Apr 27, 2011
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Sarah scares the :poo: outa me to sometimes as she sleeps in the bed with us and I will here this steady snoring and then sometimes it just stops for a few seconds or so and I open one eye and look at her till I hear her snoring again. If she does it several times in a night I dont get much sleep. lol.

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