1. Roseann

    Ready to hit my child

    If my daughter was telling this story she'd say "mom is about to rage" I'm about to rage. The youngest son graduated from Air Force basic training last weekend. It was awesome and I'm so proud of him. The middle son is working close to home so he stays here during the week so he was here to take...
  2. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~MAUDE~ English Bulldog available for adoption in IL.

    ABOUT MAUDE Hi Friends! My name is Maude. I am a 7 year old girl that recently found myself in foster care. I had been part of a family my whole life and they loved me, but my family was no longer able to take care of me so they did the next best thing by finding IEBR. I am a laid back...
  3. Caldy315

    Tear Stain problem

    I've posted about this earlier and things seemingly haven't gotten better. We moved in September/October and Winston was eating the same food he is now, Fromm Pork and Peas. We didn't move far, couple of miles across town. Once we moved, his tear stains started developing. We've now for the past...
  4. K

    Need gas mask!

    We got our first Bully baby Fiona in June 2014. She is now 10 months old and 53 pounds! She has been doing really good up until just recently. She has started having really bad tear stains for the first time and she is really congested. The vet said its seasonal allergies. We got our 2nd bully...
  5. ddnene

    General Question Walter and the food jungleā€¦ AGAIN!!!

    When I transitioned Walter to Fromm's we started w/Beef, then Pork & Peas and now he's on Duck & Sweet Potatoes. Everything is going great EXCEPT for the tear staining :bitching: I honestly think he has the opposite of Winston's issuesā€¦ his eyes are just leaky. He has red dampness near his...
  6. TyTysmom

    Hills Metabolic Diet - Questions

    EBN, need your help, does anyone have any experience with this food? Vet said Tyson needs to lose weight. We tried to cut down his food, but he seems constantly hungry, and started eating random things. We've always had him on grain free, vet says this food is not grain free. But she stated it...
  7. T

    Tear Stains

    I have Maximus on Salmon Tunalis from Fromm. He loves it. But it is responsible for a very wet stains on Maximus ?
  8. Mcleanb7

    One eye tears more than the other

    My bulldog's right eye seems to tear more than the left. He frequently has this eye closed or more closed than the other. Mostly when he is tired. If he is fully awake he seems to keep them equally open. Most of the time his sclera doesn't seem redder or pinker than the other eye. Should I be...
  9. AceTheBathound

    Excessive Tearing

    Hello everyone! It's been a while. Haven't been on the boards for such a long time. I have a question, my ACE is now 13 months. He's healthy, full of life, and loves to eat, lol. One thing though that I've been constantly battling since he was about 5 months old is his excessive shedding. Now...