1. brutus77

    Natrual Balance Dog Food

    Does anyone here feed Natural Balance Food? Brutus does not like the food he is on now, I had to switch off THK because he was losing too much weight :(. Frankie is on Merrick, which I love but is now owned by Purina :yuk::barf:. So I see Natural Balance Grain free Duck and potato is listed as 4...
  2. Goob14

    I Finally Made the Switch

    As many of you know, Merrick is now under the Nestle Purina name which is pretty sad. I sent them an email regarding my dissatisfaction and began my search for another high quality food. I decided to go with Nature's Variety Instinct with Raw Boost (Venison and Lamb). Goob seems to love it and...
  3. Jmlevin

    Boris Upset Stomach

    Hey Boris is 8 months old I've been feeding him fromm gold puppy food since he's 2 months and did great on it. The past month on and off he's been having diarreah I've brought him to the vet a few times they tested for worms and parasites it came back negative the vet gave me metronidazole which...
  4. D

    Taste of the wild lamb or salmon?

    Going to start to switch the puppy from taste of the wild venison to adult food.I do not want to keep her on the venison adult. The protein is 32%..too high. which do you recommend both the lamb and salmon have 25% protein
  5. T

    new member

    Hello everyone...I have had my new puppy for a wk now.. and it has been one roller coaster ride. First we gave him wellness treats and he started to throw up...so cut those off ...then next two days of watery stools, took him to the vet and she gave him GI medicine. Then we added pumkin for...
  6. Goob14

    Email Response from Merrick

    Upon learning that Purina was taking over Merrick, I was really bothered! I told my husband that we were making a switch that we weren't buying one more bag. I just don't understand. A company with such a high quality food thinking it's a step FORWARD to partner with Purina. Anyways, I emailed...
  7. T


    So I am getting my new EB puppy next wk and I am a first team owner of the breed. My breeder is feeding him Iams but I want to switch to Obijen. Not sure if large breed puppy food or regular puppy is best. Any suggestions?
  8. C

    Diagnosed with Puppy Mange - Want to switch to RAW

    Hi Everyone, Our poor little 4.5 month old bulldog was diagnosed with puppy mange and is currently on Advantage Multi (one dose 1.5 weeks ago and one dose to be given one month after) and a special shampoo. He has 3 spots, and its is spreading slightly, which our vet said it would with initial...
  9. B

    My dogs are refusing to eat FROMM surf and turf GRRRR any picky brats out there?

    My dogs have been eating FROMMS beef frittata for a while now, this week I decided to switch them to FROMMS surf and turf and BOTH of my dogs are refusing to eat it, I even tried mixing some plain greek yogurt in there and coconut oil to entice them and they are not having it, they didn't want...
  10. K

    Fromm Surf and Turf - confused!

    Okay so from recommendations in here, I decided to switch my 10 week old puppy from the Tractor supply puppy food he was on to the Fromm surf and turf. A. I want to make sure it's okay to do this vs going to the Puppy Gold first. B. I've been feeding him 3/4 -1 cup 3 x a day as I've seen...
  11. N

    Yeasty Nose Rope

    Over the weekend, Wellie spent a lot of time playing with the hose. He likes Chris to move it around and he pounces on it. Anyway, he got his entire face drenched, nose rope included and of course now we have yeast. I've been using TrizChlor 4 wipes because he absolutely hates mal-a-ket and...
  12. B

    issues with PROPAC food

    Hello everyone, A few months ago I picked up a new member of the family, her name is Cheena. When I got her the breeder gave me a giant bag of PROPAC food PRO PAC ® Superpremium Pet Food: Nothing Provides Better Nutrition | U.S., everything was fine except that she would randomly throw up, I...
  13. YHSublime

    Another food transition thread

    Hey all! So last time I was about an active, Taco had hurt his paw a little bit, and I wanted to take the time to make the switch in his dog food. Well, I never did, until I pulled the trigger on some Fromms Pork and Peas. I got a 30lb bag, and slowly transitioned over a week with the end bag...
  14. brutus77

    New Food

    So I started the boys on The Honest Kitchen tonight. As you all know, Brutus has horrendous allergies. He has chronic ear infections and vomits any dog food except the prescription food he is on now. Well, for the last two weeks he has all but stopped eating. I have to add eggs or hand feed him...
  15. maggiemashinske

    Food question

    I have a 7 -8 month old bulldog. I think we are having a food issue with. She eats fromm beef and frittata, she is itching her chin and licking her paws, also her eyes are wet causing her folds to get wet also. Do you think we should try a different type of fromms such as pork? And because...
  16. TNSxBully

    Food switch

    Had Rousey on the Diamond Naturals large puppy. She did fine on it for a while, then developed some hives on her sides. Switched her to Taste of the wild Bison puppy food. She is doing great on it except for the fact that its smaller kibbles.. She can now again woof her food down even with the...
  17. Goob14

    New Vet...What do you think?

    Here's the story: (Long post...sorry) I wasn't too pleased with Goob's previous vet here in Tennessee. We LOVED his vet in Cali but after seeing this vet in TN a couple times, I decided to make a switch. He has no health issues, and it was just for a heartworm test and rabies shot. This vet got...
  18. MissPennyLue

    UTI's, Struvite Crystals, & Diet...Oh my!

    I've posted several times about Penny dealing with recurrent UTI's. Long story, but will try to condense it...She's had recurrent UTI's for a year. We moved and have a new vet as of May. She had a UTI in May, October, November, & now. At Thanksgiving when she had the last one our vet did an...
  19. nubonics

    Another Green Bean Diet question

    Well it seems that Curly has gotten bored of the green beans and while hungry he just chews the green beans and then spits them out and keeps begging for more food (I haven't given in). It was actually a bit funny when I noticed this was happening. I was feeding him and another one of my dogs...
  20. G

    Grain or grain free?

    Hey..I've been feeding my 3 year old bulldog Wellness complete health for her whole adult life. A few months ago she develops these strange patches on her back where the hair disappears and then slowly appears to be coming back but we are not sure. It doesn't bother her but we just hate the way...