1. G

    Stripping Undercoat?

    I was wondering if anyone else has to do this to their bulldog. I've noticed that Izellah sheds a lot in the spring and fall but almost never a single hair is noticed in the winter time. Last year fall and this spring, I've had to strip her coat by hand. Although she isn't a breed with a wire...
  2. H

    Random patch of "long" fur

    Strange but true, Sherman has a small patch of fur on his shoulder that is longer than the rest of his fur. It also sheds more than the rest of him. Thoughts?
  3. L

    Learning More

    Hello everyone, I am looking to learn more about my bulldog. He is 10 months old, sheds a ton and smells bad. I bath him almost now ever 2 weeks. Changed his for to Call of the Wild, but still the same. Can anyone help?
  4. Old School Dropout

    Whatcha doing? Because I'm fixing to go nite-nite...

    I thought I'd have to gradually talk my wife into a 2nd dog :bully:, especially one that sheds a good bit over a year ago. Then I saw her watching clips of EB's on YouTube and such more and more, then reading up on them. Now I think she loves Dozer :drawheart: almost as much as I do, lets him...
  5. Opie CHL

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Zena~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana~

    Zena is Adoption Ready Intake type: Owner Surrender Intake date: 05/14/2016 Age: 2 years Gender: Female Weight: 66 lbs Energy level: Medium High Good with other dogs: Yes Good with cats: Yes Good with kids: Yes Object aggression: none Special needs: None noted Medications: none Crate trained...
  6. R

    I need help

    I just got my allergy test for my two year old bulldog and he is allergic to everything!!! Here is the list- Yoghurt, Vinegar, Veal, Calf, Strawberry, Squash, Sesame, Salmonberry, Rice, Rasberry, Rabbit, Pear, Peanut, Milk, Lactose, Grain mix, Egg, Corn- Red, Cheese, Blueberry, Blackeyed Pea...
  7. paw7004

    I asked my vet about the rough dry nose

    And her response made sense. She noted that Porkchop's tongue can only reach so high up when he licks his nose. The top part is "dry" because his tongue can't "exfoliate" the growth of the nose, which constantly grows and sheds. The lower part, where his tongue can reach, is shiny and smooth...
  8. F

    Shedding woes

    Domino is 5 months and sheds like crazy. His mom came over to play with him and I noticed her coat was really short. My questions is, when will the madness stop?