1. Romiyoyo

    Winter Coat

    Hi everyone! I'm looking into buying a winter coat for my 56 lbs English Bulldog. There is website that does custom made clothes for your pet, but that is my last resort for it cost close to $300. Does anyone have recommended winter clothes for their English Bulldog?
  2. Zedsded

    Wesley’s acting like “ jekyll and hyde” !!

    Just hoping the experienced bully owners on here may have any more suggestions to help with Wesley who at the moment (7.5 months old) can be a complete and utter s##t!! :censored::cursing: He goes from being a sweet playfull bulldog to an absolute pain in the :censored:, jumping trying to bite...
  3. Manydogs

    Tips for Amazon Shoppers

    For shoppers, Amazon is the ultimate rabbit hole. You can search for one item, but then you see another item and another, and soon you're careening through a maze of products and deals. All you wanted was a new robe, and 10 minutes later you’re wondering if there’s enough room in the pantry...
  4. Biscuitsmom

    Fleas!! ERRRRR

    In almost 5 years at this house we have never seen a flea, then we switch baby sitters and this past spring my girls were getting chewed up like crazy at her house. She has 4 cats that went in and out and they were in the house. Once she kicked the cats out they were biting humans. It's under...
  5. helsonwheels


    I still see dog owners buying "rawhide" for their dogs. I do believe these owners have no clue what's in rawhide and just plain clueless. So, for the ones that really have NO clue how rawhide is made, maybe after reading this article i fell on and well explained, you go walk around the house...
  6. Vikinggirl

    Rawhides, the Most Dangerous and Toxic Dog Treat

    I saw this on my FB page, and thought I'd share it with you. My son bought two rawhide bones for Dozer and Blossom in the summer time, and I told him they were unsafe and not to give them to him. He said he would supervise them when they had them, and he gave the bones to them. Dozer had licked...
  7. L

    Best ways to deal with Biting and niping

    Hi all!, I know that all pups do this but with having small children in the house what the best advice for trying to contain this. we constantly give Duncan toys to combat this but he still prefers our clothing and shoes ha. The ouch method didn't seem to work and he isn't to responsive to NO...
  8. J

    Puppy biting and growling

    Hi, I've recently signed up and I am looking for a bit of advice and help. I recently collected my puppy Toby at 8 weeks, we've had him for a week and he is a lovely dog but there are some parts of his temperament I want to sort out now whilst he is young. I understand that he is only a puppy...
  9. C

    Help Needed! Aggressive puppy?

    Hi- new to this site as of today and I have a few concerns. I have a 9 week old bulldog that I fear is already showing signs of aggression. He is constantly trying to bite at feet, hands, and clothing. I have tried the "yelping" thing- he releases but then lunges back at me. Tried ignoring him-...
  10. T

    New Bulldog owner

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I just got our first bulldog baby about 2 weeks ago. Things are going well with him but I am having a HUGE problem with him peeing on any blankets, pillows and clothing he can find!! He is 17 weeks and still potty training. Any suggestions??! T
  11. monkey10262

    Clothing Patterns

    I'm sure this has been posted before, forgive me, but I really don't want to go through all the old threads if I don't have to! I've been looking all over the place for a good bulldog clothing pattern. All I can find is pre-made, very expensive clothing. Does anyone have a pattern they like? It...
  12. O

    General Question Puppy Hates Clothing

    So our Davey hates when clothes is put on him. When I put a sweater on he instantly freezes and doesn't move a muscle until I take it off. It's a great method for calming him down but I want to see him enjoy cute sweaters and costumes on holidays. Has anyone's dog experiences this before and how...
  13. AdventuresWithOliver

    Bulldog Clothing

    Hey there - I've seen a few threads on here regarding website specializing in bulldog clothing. Unfortunately, many of the companies suggested are no longer in business. Oliver is in the market for some new stuff (a hoodie and maybe a coat) and we are having a hard time finding stuff that fits...
  14. D

    Daily poll: Do you have any artistic pieces of your bulldog in your home?

    Do you have any artistic pieces of your bulldog in your home? (ie: painting, clothing, blankets, etc.)
  15. binxrexchubbs

    What's with all the licking??

    Chubbs licks both my & my hubby all the time. Arms, legs, clothing, face, hair... lick, lick, lick. He always has a full bowl of fresh water. Thoughts? Anyone else hear of a bully doing this? :detective2: