1. D

    New food my dogs love

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to mention a food I've been feeding my dogs for the past few months which is by a company called Brummel and Peacock. The food is fantastic, one of the best I've tried so far. There's no more flatulence, both have a silky smooth coat that has a shine to it and their...
  2. A

    I lost the love of my life. My sweet bully Lenny.

    I'm so heartbroken. Can't believe I even have the strength to write this. I became Lennys mom when he was 5 weeks. He was the sweetest puppy! I've met my husband when Lenny was 1 year old and ever since then he adapted him:) I used to laugh and say that my husband married a single mom lol Lenny...
  3. C

    Luxating Patella Surgery

    Our Josie came home today after spending the day at the vet hospital. She had surgery on rear knee/patella. Problem occurred when she slipped on ice or got leg caught in ice hole on yard this past winter. Running on ice/snow not a good idea. Slowly recuperating but walking around house. Eating...
  4. Maximus

    Help Needed! How to treat really BAD BREATH ???

    My Bulldog has really BAD BREATH ! I need to know how to treat it, and what products work the best. Maximus is not a "Bone" dog, so any type of Chews or Bones will not work for him, as he loses interest very quickly. Any help you can provide, or recommendations are really appreciated. Thank you.
  5. JennieS

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Mojo~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Please welcome 8-year-old Mojo to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. This beautiful brindle is an owner surrender that will take your breath away with his charm and good looks. Keep your eye on this dude – he’s going to be looking even better soon! 5/22/16 Update: Mojo is just about a perfect...
  6. Frith


    So, Frith woke up with coughing, hacking, frothy mucus again (Friday). She had finished the antibiotics, but the vet said to watch for signs of the aspiration pneumonia coming back (side effect of megaE), since this is the second bout, and was more wide spread. Sure enough it came back, and I...
  7. Vikinggirl

    Peppermint Fresh Bites Cookies

    This week we’re making Puppermint Fresh Bites with lots of fresh mint and parsley to give your dog a healthy, scrumptious treat while also freshening their breath! Whachu’ Need:-1/2 Cups Chopped Fresh Mint -1/3 Cups Chopped Parsley -2 1/2 Cups Oat Flour -3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil -1 Large Egg...
  8. Vikinggirl

    Dog and Cat Poison Symptoms

    DOG & CAT POISON SYMPTOMS We love our pets and think of them as part of our family. We also hate to think of our pets getting sick, but as pet owners, we’re the first ones to recognize if something is wrong with our cat or dog. In the case of pet poisoning, you may not know what they got into...
  9. JennieS

    Help Needed! Brutus

    Sorry guys this may be a long post but i'm stumped on how to proceed with Brutus. As most of you know Brutus is a wild guy. He's stubborn, free-sprited and pretty much brutus does what brutus wants with in boundaries we have gave him. We are kinda at a tipping point, well Brian my husband is...
  10. Izzy's Mom

    Breath.... Stinky!

    Do you give your bully anything for their breath? Izzy only eats her kibble... chews bones like crazy (so all her teeth are clean), she's young but her breath now stinks! Any tip... recommendation.... idea... is welcome! :pray:
  11. helsonwheels

    Ohhh la la.... Bad Breath

    Nyala has been losing her teeth. Man that breath is horrible :( I even give her soft treats so it gives her a break on her jaws and still takes her time to chew it.
  12. helsonwheels

    That Bad or Not?

    Been reading a lot about EB. The more I read the more I see the same issues with bullies. A lot of articles like so: Serious health problems.*Make no mistake about it, English Bulldogs are grossly deformed. It's been said that if you feel like supporting your vet with great chunks of money, get...
  13. D

    Enlongated soft palate?

    Hi All! I'm brand new to this forum and was hoping I could get some advice from people that have been through this experience! I have an 11 month old, 50lb English bulldog named Beef. I was told by a vet that he probabily has an elongated soft palate and is pushing us to go through with the...
  14. natski282

    Rosie and her first snow fall

    Well it has begun ! Overnite we got app 3 inches of the pure white stuff and looks like more to come , Rosie has seen flurries but not layers of the stuff so with bated breath I waited for The Prettyone to stop doing "Laundry " ya know Pressing sheets and get out of bed . Rosie showed ZERO...
  15. I

    Help need advice on if both my bulldogs breathing is OK? Il explane

    Ever since I got both my bulldogs sometimes if seems cause there pushed in noses they struggle for air both of em do it from time to time the sit up and you hear like there trying to suck in air but they can't for five to eight loud noses then its like it stops and there OK they have both done...
  16. Kimberlie

    Murphy is coughing.

    It started about 2 days ago. A little cough then he was fine. I told my husband to keep a close eye on him so he could see it for himself. He said I was paranoid. Well yesterday he would cough Then act like he got something up but gag and dry heave I guess Then it would pass So I guess a...
  17. harveyspecter

    summer tips from Dr. Kraemer

    Summer months are coming, be prepared, read below for helpful tips. Tips for a Cool Bulldog: Never leave your dog unattended in the car. Keep them in a cool place to stay and sleep (air-conditioned and well ventilated) Bulldog overheating? Cool him off immediately. Place...
  18. bullmama

    ENTER HERE ~ Fromm Family Foods ~ Bulldog Stories Contest

    Welcome to the Fromm Family Foods Bulldog Stories Contest! Do you have some writing talent? Great writers are out there, and they have wonderful stories to tell! A great writer can take a simple event and turn it into a glorious tale. In this contest, we are looking for the BEST bulldog...
  19. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~DARLA~ Available for Adoption in North Carolina.

    Name: Darla Age: Approx. 3 years old Date of Intake: June, 2015 I am a spayed female. My name is Darla, and I was surrendered...well, I'm not sure why. I don't understand. But my foster family and all of the volunteers LOVE me. I'm good with kids and dogs, however because of the neglect...
  20. S

    Please help! Dog sounds like he's snoring but awake

    Last night about 10pm dexter stared to snore while he was awake like something was stuck in his nose. He's wheezing sound like it could be "reverse sneezing" but it still hasn't stop. He had a hard time falling asleep. When he does sleep it sounds like something is in is nose. His sleeping...