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  • I can't be silly anymore tonight, my heart is heavy for you, your family. You're a rock and we are just a stone through away, someone is always here. We are one. When someone hurts, we all do. If in the next few weeks in some small way we can pick you up in spirit, I will rejoice. May you find just a bit of peace knowing God has a plan for you, me and everyone here. And someday we will all meet, I believe, I know, The spirit lives on
    I am so sorry for your tragic loss, my friend!! You really caught my heart with the loss of best friend and soulmate. I would feel the same with my husband. If there is anything I can do to make the pain more bearable, please let me know.
    Thinking of you and your family :flower:
    We are a family of barrel racers and have so much fun! I know my riding days are coming to an end as they tell me now I have rheumatoid so I'm saddled up every chance I get. I LOVE my Harley, but there are so many ignorant drivers like you said. I almost got wiped out the other day when someone pulled out in front of me. You are such a sweet and caring person!! If you ever pass by Ohio, come on over for a visit! :D
    I know Hon, you've got a BIG heart :heart: and I appreciate it and so does everyone here!

    Eek!!!...sinus infection...YOU take care of that and YES-rest, rest, rest...put everything on
    backburner that you can and just concentrate on getting well.

    No wonder you've been on my mind (you really have) and I hadn't seen you posting much.

    Sinus stuff makes you feel so horrible too :*( Please rest, Honey...take care of you, okay?!!
    No, Fufu is our first bully. I think our next will be a rescue/adoption. When we researched we learned all about the breed and puppy training, but I wish I had looked more into rescues.
    Aww thanks! He is a mess =] EBs are a breed unlike any other, Rufus McGee thinks he is a CAT lol
    Hi there! I just saw a post where your mentions did not work and it is the bold font that is not making it go through, so if you mention someone or use a smiley make sure they are not bolded. I have not been able to find out why it does that, my apologies!!
    Hi Becky and thank you for your warm welcome! I've just made a major move w/my Husband, my Mother, Bulldog Brutus, 3 yrs & Ragdoll Cat CoCo, 12 yrs.
    We've been in Tyler, TX for 3 months and have owned Brutus for 1 month. We're his 4th owners, that I know of and his 3rd owners in this past year, nothing
    wrong w/Brutie...just bad luck...he is a sweetheart! Lol, I'm typing this w/CoCo laying on my typing arm so it's reaaaaallllll slow going...not bothering HER one
    bit! Will be posting an intro very soon, again, thanks so much...can't wait to meet everyone! Texas Carol
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