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  • Just happened to log on today and noticed that today is the day you get your pup! Congrats. The vet said it's not a bad idea, they didn't say one way or another. Winston was given a perfect bill of health and has developed to be a handful! This biting phase is welcome to leave at any given time now. Best of luck and let me know about Trupanion
    We visited with 4 weeks to go and it seemed like it was gonna be an eternity before we got him. Luckily we had plans for the next four weekends. This weekend was the first one with him and it was great. It takes some time, and it's a little stressful at times but I love it so far. You don't have much longer to wait, those two weeks will fly. He goes to the vet today for his first time with me. We'll see how that goes. My only main concern is getting insurance for those big things that could pop up. Makes me a little uneasy, but I'm not sure on what to do. I'm going to ask the vet today. Thanks for the kind comments and words, hope time flies for you!
    Ehh... She has her moments. She likes to pee in the house.. But she asks sometimes to poop outside... Shes its a constant thing. But I know we will get there! I am so excited for you :) Squeeeee lol
    So how excited are you?? Its getting closer! I cant wait to see her pictures :)
    lmao!!! That is awesome... I thought you were going to say that he was a big Avengers fan. I would of so loved that... Are you getting her from a breeder thats close by? Ours was like in Middlebury Indiana.. I think thats the town.. God I love looking at her little face. She will prolly be such a little cuddle bug at first... Cherish it.. Daisy didnt last long before the biting set in.
    Omg... I know exactly how you feel. We had to wait 4 weeks for our lil one. It was so tough. lol I wanted to name ours Gigi too... My bf turned it down. It said it was too prissy... But then he came up with Daisy... Men go
    Hi there! If youre interested we should get out little girls together some time! :)
    Hahahaha! I was just looking at the "new member" related threads to try to figure out how to do it. Thanks!!!!
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