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  • Please disregard my first comment, I was looking at another name on a bulldog and her name was Rosa. I went back and saw the Precious Baby in her pink diaper named Lola, Lola is Beautiful and Charlie is a Handsome Guy. Love, Susan
    I saw Rosa's picture, she is Beautiful in her little pink checked diaper. Did You change her name to Lola? Love, Susan
    Now I'm a little bit claim and want to tell you the full story. We thought that Angus had a thorn on his paw, that any vet can take a look and pull it out, therefore we brought him to emergency vet hospital during the weekend, even though itā€™s expensive. When we got into the emergency hospital, the vet found out that itā€™s an abscess on his paw, he was limping and was having some trouble breathing. It didnā€™t help when he was waiting in the emergency vet hospital for an hour, he was really worked-up. What he needed was local anesthesia and to release the blood spot on his left paw.Angus did not make it through the surgery, he couldnā€™t breathe then his heart stop. We took the report to our vet, he found that they didn't use the right kind of anesthesia for bulldog. The vet in the emergency hospital was a young woman just started on January, we should know better that.. I'm still blaming myself to not seeing that and encouraged Angus to go to the surgery theater....
    :) :hiya: nice to see your settling in :D Charlie and Lola are soooo cute :heart:
    Yes -- your boy looks just like my girl --- he is so handsome LOVE him. I am a sucker for spots especially spotted ears.

    Thank you for the kind words about my sweet boy --- he was the love of my life and I am not kidding when I tell you I was terrified to leave my house for a week.. did not want to walk in and him not be there to say hi. :cry: Been 7 months and it still stings.

    Thanks again -- look forward to getting to know you and the kiddies
    Welcome! Yes - Burns is far away from Portland. The only reason anyone EVER goes there is that there's a wild bird refuge (Mahleur - spelling?) that is world renouned. Ironic isn' it? I'm a bird watching maniac and spent my formative years in Burns. I've not been back but would love to go to that bird refuge! hahahahaha I actually have some relatives there that I never see.
    Hey there! Voce fala Portoguese?? :) Thanks for the request...You two are soooooo adorable! Welcome to the site and if you need anything please dont hesitate to ask! I thought I knew it all until my family here taught me more! I am soooo grateful for this site! Give :hug: to Charlie and Lola
    Thank you so much for your kind words about my boy Aldo, he really is handsome with his green eyes and pink face! I'm in love with him too! Welcome to ebn, it's great to have you!
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