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  • Hi, did you resolve your wet eyes/wrinkles issue - I have a 4 month old baby who has same - new to bullies too! Claire
    :snowballfight: SPLAT!! You have been hit with my snowball!!! Pass it on to 5 people, but haha you can't hit the one that hit you!!! :christmas34:
    SPLAT!!!! You have been hit by the Christmas Snowball :snowballfight:

    Pass it forward to 5 cannot Splat!! the person who got you :christmas4:
    Thank you :) As much as we miss her, I am happy that she is out of that broken body and is free.
    Hi , I'm fairly new to this site, about a month in. A great site , totally having fun reading all about the silly things our babies do, and learning a lot about bulldogs. This is my 1st time owning this breed, I had a Jack Russell for 14 years. I thought Jacks were crazy and high maintenance, they have nothing on English Bulldogs. Lol. We are enjoying them though, we have a brother and sister, Bulldozer and Blossom. They are almost 9 months old, when I first got them , I was playing around with themes for their names, Elvis and Priscilla, Jagger and Bianca, because I am a fan of the Rolling Stones, my son liked Rocky and Adrienne for Rocky Balboa, then I liked the name Bulldozer, so I was thinking of other construction vehicles, the father of my bullies is named Mack, like in Mack truck, I had heard other bulldogs named Tonka, and liked it, Bulldozer and Tonka sounded cute to me, but everyone said it was a boys name, so I started thinking of names that started with a letter B
    If your noticing chunks missing, be careful it could mean that he's eating those pieces, which could cause him problems. Dozer has eaten his gauze and bandage at the vets after his neuter surgery, and that took a week of giving him fibre dog food, and he passed a 12 inch long poop wrapped around the gauze. He also swallowed my husbands sweat sock, I don't know where he got it or when he swallowed it, but he threw it up just last week. I bought the nicest, softest pink and blue fleecy blankets, and large embroidered pillows for them from Homesense, and they can't have them because they chew them. Silly Bully's could have such cozy things to lay on, but they rather eat them.
    Hey just wanted to stop by and say hello!
    Hope all is well!
    How is Tonka doing these days?
    Hey I just read your post and I just want to give you a great big hug!
    I feel for what you guys are going through.
    It's so darn hard.
    But we love these bullies no matter what!
    Please keep me posted!
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