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  • Absolutely NOTHING cuter than a chubby, healthy baby!! I could just kiss her legs off!
    Her legs are still chubby, I actually think they may be chubbier! LOL Yes, she has a thing for her Molly :)
    what day in september is your anniversary? my hubby and i got married 09.22.09, so i was just curious :) i saw in your thread about adoption you mentioned you got married in september. not trying to be creepy or anything. :lol:
    Hi there, if you could please reupload your Avatar. We were resizing things when you uploaded, which is why it appears to be so small. Unless you want to keep it smaller, otherwise if you reupload it will be bigger. :)
    I wanted to name him Capone. I chose that name because I was friends with a guy on myspace who lived in Vegas and had a 2 year old EB named Capone. After turning 1, Capone was diagnosed with a form of cancer. He fought for a year, but lost his life shortly after turning 2. The story was completely heart breaking and i fell in love with Capone. My husband wanted to name him Maximus. So, we had someone else name him. When Vegas was chosen as his name, I was delighted. Capone lived his short life and passed over the rainbow bridge in Vegas.
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