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  • Hello, Sorry for taking so long to respond...i havent been on this site for a long time due to work and travel. I only kept 1 puppy and she is 7 months today :) Pinky. The mother - Moey is 3.5 :)
    Sorry it has taken me so long to return your message. But it's pronounced "On-Nee" it's short for "Oenomaus" (On-No-May-Us)
    You have been hit by a Trick or Treater!!! Pass it on to 5 people but you canā€™t return it to the one that tricked you!!! :halloween6:
    Thank you! I'm better! Brie has been snuggling me, prolly too much..lol not sure all that hair has been good for my lungs, but what can u do. I needs me bully love! Hope you are doing well!
    Thank you so much, i love the signature too i thought it was cute its my screensaver on my phone also!!:)
    Yes there are quite a few different bully breeds and even within the particular breed (pitties and AB's) they come in all shapes and sizes (like poodles do, lol).

    I'll pull up a few posts that I did early on and tag you on it so you can see how skinny he was when we got him and how sick he got a few months later (he almost died).
    Hi Karen, sorry for the late response. I must have missed your post on my profile page. :ashamed:

    We believe Jack's father was Pitbull and his mother an American Bulldog. I saw both parents when we rescued him (he was in a filthy drug house). At the time I thought they were both pitties but looking back now since we didn't know too much about American Bulldog's I believe that's what he really is and so we've been told. His mother was all white and his father was all brindle. Both were very tall.

    Thanks too, he's such a good boy and such a goofball.
    Mia is a gorgeous Bully girl. Love her smile!!!! Tallulah is now a year and a half and Buster is 5 months old. The name Tallulah apparently means "abundant" and that is what a Bully's love is :)
    Thanks Karen! Buster and Tallulah are pretty wonderful and they keep me laughing. Mia is adorable. Nothing is cuter than a Bulldog puppy, don't you think?seems like yesterday Buster was that age. Enjoy. They grow so quickly you literally wake up and they have grown bigger overnight. Apologies for not responding sooner. Work is crazy busy but hopefully is about to slow down. Great to connect with you.
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