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  • :christmas34:

    I'm hoping he'll be ok too. It would be great if all he needs is antibiotics. He was playful last night so his attitude doesn't seem affected at all, which is always nice.
    I know I was just thinking that they are so close in age. I'm sure it was very hard leaving the pup. I have so much going on in the next month (my 18 year old daughter heading off to her first year of college) I think the pup will be a nice distraction from the tears. :hissycry:
    I just found and replied to your post before I saw your response here. Oh boy lack of sleep is coming! Maybe I should sleep straight for the next 3 days. :lmao:
    I PM'd you, I think a food change will make a HUGE difference, it did with Vegas!! Keep us updated!!
    Bulldog is home with us! Traveled 8.5 hours to pick him up, took 10 hours to get him home with puppy breaks. It was a great journey and he has already changed our lives. He is the perfect mix of obnoxiousness and tenderness. We already can't imagine our lives without the little mushy pile of puppy that he is.
    Aww sounds good lol we were trying to pick between meatloaf & meatball too! Adds character & shock effect BTW your pup is ADORABLE
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