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  • Holy cowā€¦ I'm on my third antibiotic, so I completely understand. I'm so ready for springā€¦ I hope that you and Mabel feel better this weekend!!!
    Thank you so muchā€¦ I got some sleep last night so that was a start. NOW to get my stupid sink fixedā€¦ Lol
    Damn state is so freakin big! that is clear across and would be about 6 or 7 hour drive for me to meet up with you... DAMN! next time we are in Chi-town we HAVE to meet up. We head out at least once a year... I will let you know when we go
    Thank you Chris.... you are so right, retail/news sure do hype it up ..... sending you lots of hugs and love! Love you too
    as for this time of year.... it is just all down hill for me starting in Sept. Mom passed at end of Sept, then Thanksgiving was always her favorite and my nephew passed at end of Nov and Dad's b-day is beginning of Dec.... and then trough in Banks' passing right before T-day and it is just hard to be cheerful --- I appreciate all I have and the time I had with them all, but it is just too much in a short period of time
    Morning Chris... she has a strong will so I think her attitude will be her greatest asset with all she will be going through. Her doctors told her to enjoy her holidays and the process will all start in January -- she is now having to read all the info and make decisions on how she wants to proceed. One or both will be removed, but that decision will bbe made after the DNA testing results come back
    THANK YOU so much for the ornament!!! It's gorgeousā€¦ Merry Christmas to YOU!!! :christmas20:
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