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  • We had a dalmatian before we had bulldogs! Vegas is a clown. He is a total goofball! Orion too. She thinks she is the boss of everybody and she loves to backtalk.
    Thanks for the video compliment! Are you talking about the ones on Bullytube? Welcome to EBN!!!
    thanks Chris! I'm happy you joined EBN and am v.excited for you and your upcoming addition :) We all learn a lot from each other here, that's why i love this site. Make yourself at home!
    Well the look and her snuggling with you says to me....MOMMA, bring me home NOW! :happy2: I'm really happy for Mabel and you. And I love that name. :luv:
    Oh so sorry for your loss. I lost two of my guys, Ace & Orion, in the last 2 years. They were littermate brothers and we 12 & 13 when they passed. Each passed in January a year apart. I miss them much, especially Ace my little snugglebun.

    Is the picture in your profile the day you met? I thought that was one of your others. She looks like she loves you there.
    Thank you for the very nice comment. I almost forgot how tiny she was. Congrats on your upcoming adoption too. Oh did you mean to reply to yourself? We've all done this. (see below my post). :)
    I am adopting a rescue English bulldog on Saturday. We are very excited to be welcoming Mabel to our family! I know you will all be a great source of information to me.
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