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    Mona Bonehead

    She's got a lovely brindle coat!
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    Wesleys first holiday to Cornwall

    Lovely photos and sounds like a nice holiday.
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    Bulldog weight

    Aha! Yes, they are bigger, are they not?
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    Bulldog weight

    Bruce is a handsome fellow! Difficult to say anything about his weight from these (very good) photos, though. One would need to see him from above. As @Cbrugs says, the waistline should be visible right behind his ribcage. The breed standard for English bulldogs is 25 kg so with that in mind...
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    My bully baby boy's birthday today

    Lovely face. Happy birthday, handsome Baldur James.
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    Need to stop....

    Great photo and yes, bulldogs do appreciate flowers and gardening!
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    New Grand Champion!

    Congratulations - she's a beauty!
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    English Bulldog Owners Required

    Interesting project and important research. Best of luck with your project!
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    It's Been Awhile

    How nice to see that your boys are doing well! I remember you from when Castor and I first joined EBN back in 2013. Our beloved Castor passed a few months ago but I still visit the forum occasionally.
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    Nails painfully long, too elderly for sedation

    Is it the cutting or just the fact that someone touches his feet that is the problem? If it is the cutting, perhaps a dremel would be better? And don't try to do all nails at once. I would try that at home before trying to lift him up in a sling at the vet if he gets agitated.
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    My dog was attacked :(

    Good to hear your boy is ok, and hopefully you and your dad too. It is really scary to see your dog being attacked like that, but as others have said, report to the police and if the other dog's owner si to be found, make sure they (or their insurance company) pays for any costs you have.
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    Does anything really work to eliminate tear stains?

    Consider testing another protein. Our Castor had them when he was young and ate beef. Later he ate other proteins and had no tear stains. Not sure that was the reason but might be worth testing.
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    Reunited and it feels so good!

    He's grown and that brindle coat looks as great as ever!
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    Wesleys 6 month old and getting bigger!

    He's grown into a handsome young dog! Nice photos!