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  • I just saw your calendar entry for Bubba for the Halloween Bullies...I cracked up laughing. That is an amazing costume and he looked great!!! :)
    You're welcome! How could I let my Bubba get by without a pic. :lol: You gotta get Bubba in for as many entries as you can. :up: He's got such a great mug. :luv:
    Hey there, you need to put Bubba's halloween pic in the calendar photos for October. Maybe you have already I haven't checked. I was just checking out pics and came across Bubba's. :)
    she hasn't been on EBN since Wednesday .. hope he is ok!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dog!
    I just love you!!! so happy you came up with your wonderful idea! us bullies have to stick together!
    Hows our boy doing? Just thinking of him, give that smooshy face a kiss from all the girls here. :smoochwink::smoochwink::smoochwink::smoochwink::smoochwink::smoochwink:
    yes you could start out with a lower dose but he explained to me specifically that it is double the human dosage.. I called after we got home and read the bottle to confirm.. he just said yes 2 tablets every 24 hours.. just try what your vet says and see how he does.. Good Luck to you.. LOVE his face!!!
    hi !! yes Duke has bad allergies as well. We took him to a dermatologist who highly recommended zrtec over benadryl.. it has less of a drying effect on thier eyes and also doesn't make Duke drowsy.. Duke is 61 pounds.. We give two zrtec every 24 hours ( its double the human dose ) we have very good success with... our dermatologist told us its like giving him a sugar pill. we get his blood taken every year to keep tabs and he is doing really well. I would give it a try.. also for some reason I have had better success giving it to him in the morning after he eats? Let me know how it goes!
    Yes I do know where the doggy park is! That sure would be fun to meet you and Bubba!! I will let you know if we decide to go sometime :)
    No problem! I know..I have to contact him also. I currently go to Forrest Lakes animal clinic on Weber. He's a good vet. I would just feel more comfortable with a vet that specializes in bulldogs when I get him fixed. Which will be soon, I think. :(
    Aww poor Bubba!! Thats awesome Ill have to look into that I'd love to see that aw Thanks for all the info ill have to touch base with that vet!
    Yes that would be great! I didn't know that there was a vet that specialized in bullys! A parade.. Ive been here so long and I have never even heard of that!! Awesome thanks for the info! :)
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