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  • Alice, I'm so sad about Mack. He had a beautiful and loving life with you as their mom. I know he's at peace now, and so happy and having a great time in Heaven. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
    Just gave you a reputation for a wonderful head shot, lol. Hopefully those bugs will work themselves out, I do missing seeing the pics you post. Have a wonderful day Alice. :)
    Did I really post to myself??? I'm such an idiot! What is your experience with turkey. My memory of turkey and dogs = bad gas, clear out the room gas!
    Thanks. I'm at the show, got Ruggles allergy report via email. He can't have egg, chicken, yeast, pork, lamb, barley, catfish, soy, beef, duck, rabbit, rice. All I can find is NVI limited ingredient turkey. Any suggestions?
    Hi. It is beautiful here, the Oregon Alps. You need to make the trip!
    I did antique shows in Medford for years; it was so much closer when we lived in Central OR.
    Did you get Lola from a local breeder? She is darling!
    Mack is eight and 1/2, Ruggles will be 5 in Jan.
    I noticed in your posts you were from Oregon! We're in Medford...pretty much the opposite corner of the state! I've never been that far east, but we really want to take a trip over there someday. I have a friend in John Day.

    It's a good thing Lola is cute, we've had a rash of bad behavior the past week, she's almost 11 months old, so I think we're in the teenage phase! How old are your guys? They are adorable!
    Hi James. I have had Bulldogs for 30 years, 6 of them usually 2 at a time. They are great, I love them but wish they lived longer! I'm going to look in to Olde English Bulldogges (sp?) because they claim to live a couple years longer on average. Alice
    Corvallis, Oregon! I know where that's at lol and thankyou. I really enjoy being here with other bully owners and friends :) How long have you been a bulldog owner? This is my first BD and I absolutely love em. They have soo much character to them, really become a part of your family. Talk with you soon -James
    Did I ever respnod to your message? I can't find an outgoing one in my box.We got Valley from rocky mountain rawhide bulldogs...the breeders name is Teri.I think they have a litter at this very moment:)Let me know if you need anything else or have questions.~Sasha
    Mack saw his girlfriend today. She is a tech at his vet.'s office. He did his happy dance for her and she got down on the floor and gave him loves and scratches. That happens everytime they see each other. Their relationship started about 3 & 1/2 years ago when he had major surgery to have a piece of Humunga Tongue removed from his intestine (and they had to take out a couple inches of intestine, too). He spent 4 days recouperating at the clinic. One day the tech didn't feel good so she took some blankets and a pillow into Mack's kennel, laid down, and they fell asleep head to head on the pillow! That's how it all began.
    This is supposed to be a new thread instead of a visitor message! Sorry!
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