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  • SPLAT!!! You have been hit by the Christmas Snowball :snowballfight:
    Pass it forward to 5 people ... you can not splat the person that got you.
    Thank you, we think she's pretty darn cute. She's such a good girl too, we've only had her for about 4 months but she's fit right in as part of the family. I hope you have as much fun with your bully as we are having with Lexi. :)
    Oh you got to be kidding me Alice! Why on earth would she lie to you and not just be on the up and up. Would you be out your deposit if you backed out of the deal after all this? I don't remember what Rock and Bonnet look like but if you had your heart set on Buster than best to wait. Have you approached Melissa on this at all yet? Gawd I would be steaming too! That's just BS!

    Another another note, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I saw your message and my intentions were there I got so tunneled visioned getting that article done it took nearly all my time. My bad :).

    Let me know what you're doing. How's Ruggles doing too?
    Oh Alice, how exciting! I just love Buster, Nova too. Will you know right away if the pregnancy took? Oh I can't wait. :clap:
    Scarlet is gorgeous! :heart: I'm partial to reds. See what you've gone and done Alice, now I'm going to have Olde English Bulldog envy. :up:
    You know I'll have to check both the parents out today right? :) I remember see the black and white one, the Dad, but don't recall his name - he was beautiful! So that would put the pups around October to be ready to leave their mom. What a great time of year! Oh I can't wait to hear if she's prego!!! Mack probably told the deer to come eat his flowers too as they helped the momma. That's how I see it. :luv:
    Jack's mom was English/American mix and his dad was English, supposedly. I have never seen his parents, I adopted him from a bad situation. If you want to see some available, ***deleted website*** usually always have some available. Olde English is bred with English and something else, is it boxer? or is it American?
    Alice, Just thinking of you this evening, I know you are hurting and just wanted to give you a :hug:
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