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  • Oh we're not moving. :whew: There was talk once before about moving up there when Mike would have taken over that region and surrounding states, but not he's going to still take that region and keep Colorado. We'll be staying put and JeannieCO will not have to change her name to JeannieWA, LOL.
    Poor Ruggles! I really feel your pain on that issue. It’s a hard one to change. Once they’re on the tootsie roll patrol there’s no stopping them. I’d say that’s a marking thing too with Buster. Wilson went through that for quite a bit but finally, finally, outgrew it. It was not fun going through either!
    That’s odd that you can’t color the profile page. I do recall you saying that now once before. Are you using the box right above where this post is that says “customize my profile”?

    Oh wow that’s going to be quite a change for you guys huh? I just love where you live now, the views are stunning. Mike’s going to be traveling to Portland soon. He was just promoted to a regional manager and the Portland, Tacoma & Seattle stores are his region now. I’d move there in a heartbeat if the cost of living was cheaper than here. Love love the areas.
    Just passing by and thought I'd stop in and say :hiya:


    Oh Alice, you need to spruce up your colors here. :tease:
    That's odd about the message. :hmm: Buster's gonna be a cutie and those ears, wow, lol. Have you ever owned a frenchie before? I haven't and just love them....full of personality.
    Last Thursday Buster weighed 7.3. He will probably get to 30-35 lbs. His mother is a small OEB at around 45 lbs. His dad is a big boned all fawn colored Frenchie. He's a good eater, not picky, but stops when he is full.
    Got your addy. I deleted it off my page too. :up: So just out of curiousity, how big is Buster and how big will he get? :whistle:
    Yes you did. Ruggles is a big boy, he'll definately need a large.

    Here's the list of winners. :up: The video is on the home page. That's what my PM was about. :)

    HRH: Nikki Schoolcraft (nikkischoolcraft)
    HRH: Micheal M (mmobley45)
    Calendar: Micheal M (mmobley45)
    Calendar: Angela G-A (Angela Gale Ashton)
    Black Hoodie: Chris P (ChrisRN)
    Black Hoodie: Ellen R (Blueberrys Mom)
    Grey Hoodie: Ellen R (Blueberrys Mom)
    Grey Hoodie: Sharon A (Tooleysmom)
    Sk8r Hoodie: Bree T (momma2bullies)
    Sk8r Hoodie: Alice K (Alice Kable)
    Oh and I think Lisa's doing some changes again to the site so I'm wondering if that's why you weren't able to get my message. Could you just not open it or not see it?
    Hey there Alice! How goes it today? Just love the pics of Ruggles and Buster. Ruggles looks so happy to have a buddy again. :love:

    Let me know what size Sk8tr hoodie you'd like. How much does Ruggles weigh? Guessing he'll probably need a large. I'll need your address too. :up:
    Did you know that some people mix oebs and frenchies to get a designer dig called a minibull. They grow up to be mighty cute:)
    How many more days??? I can't wait to see tons of pictures, he is such a cutie!!
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