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Thread: Zyrtec dosage?

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    Hi, I'm new to the forum and also new to having an EB so I'm in a learning curve here. Sullivan is going on 6 months old and is a very healthy 30 pounds, is neutered and had a soft palet reduction done. He is very active and about the only problem I could see was that he had very red watery eyes. He is on TOTW puppy. About two weeks ago sully had a cherry eye on his left eye. I rubbed it back in place and have had to do it about four times since, once it popped out twice in one day. I did a search on the forum about cherry eye to learn it is part of the tear gland, so I figured his red watery eyes were the result of allergies and the tear gland was swelled and popping out! I started him on Zyrtec four days ago and have not had a cherry eye since and his eyes are not as watery nor as red. I take one 10mg zyrtec chop it in 1/4ths and give him a 1/4 every morning, afraid to give him to much! It seems to have helped, but maybe just lucky and cherry eye will return. If it does how much Zyrtec can I give him?

    John A

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    our Bully is almost 5 years old he weighs 59 pounds and we were instructed by the dermatologist to give two zyrtec every 24 hours ( its double the adult dose) I would ask your vet maybe in your case it would be one whole one every 24 hours? Good Luck!

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