1. K

    Bulldog with small head, will it grow?

    This is chubbs, she’s a 1 year old English bulldog. Attached are what she looks like as a puppy when we got her and her now. Her head is slim, and she’s very lean. We were just wondering if anyone else experienced a bully with a small head and did it grow? At what age? Or will she have a skinny...
  2. C

    Bulldog Too skinny?

    Have a 5 month english bulldog and feeding him Acana puppy plan twice a day 1 cup and doesn't seem to be gaining weight, looks skinny for me but need y'all opinion. Am I feeding him too little? Just curious... comparing him to most English bulldogs I've seen that are chunky.
  3. F

    Too Skinny?

    Hi All, Just joined as owned an English Bulldog since 8 weeks old... just over 13 weeks currently. I am just wondering if she is too skinny? She eats 3 meals a day currently on AVA dry puppy food, what can I use to fatten her up? My friend got one from the same litter and he is huge compared to...
  4. Y

    English Bulldog too skinny

    Hello, I just recently got my english bulldog 2 days ago and i just feel like he’s too skinny. any tips on how to fatten up a bit. you can see his ribs and his hip bones a bit. inserting picture for reference. :unsure:
  5. K

    Is this normal.

    Ronnie is about to turn 10 months. He was castrated on the 1st of February and in this day he weighed 23.6 kg. We have had him weighed today and he weighs the same. He is fed taste of the wild. Now he is quite an active bulldog and does like his walks he doesn't look skinny or overweight really...
  6. M

    Is my english bulldog too tall and skinny

    Hello everyone, my bulldog is 2 years old and pretty much fully grown. He's tall and very muscular with a little head. Is there a chance he could be mixed with olde english? I never got a chance to see his parents :fie:
  7. Cbrugs

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Gwen~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

    Intake Date: 8-22-18 Last Update: 10-15-18 Date Available: 10-15-2018 Age: 4 yrs old DOB: Unkown Gender: Female Weight: 50 LBS Energy Level: Medium to low unless she sees a small critter. Color & Markings: White with Red Patches Can go to a home with other dogs: Yes Can go to a home with cats...
  8. Evans3329

    Hello I'm billy I'm a rescue bulldog

    Hello I joined just over a year ago with Bella I rescued a really skinny bulldog baby boy shortly after we got Bella I just couldn't walk away here is my progress hope you all like
  9. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Jenny~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Hey, all you beautiful Bulldog friends. It’s me, Skinny Jenny, and I have joined rescue! That cracked me up because I am not skinny at all. In fact, I think the word skinny needs to be taken out of the dictionary forever! I consider myself “thick,” which means if I trip and fall, I will have...
  10. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Nate~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    What’s the going price for a Bulldog these days? For Nate, it was a simple trade. His owner did not want him any longer and a good samaritan wanted to rescue him and get him to a Bulldog rescue group who could help him. The price for Nate was 4 bags of dog food! For Nate it was the best trade...
  11. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Summer~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Florida

    Age: 4 Summer comes to us from a local shelter where she was a stray. They have estimated her to be about 4 years old. She is very skinny right now and will need to put on some weight. She has what appears to be a mammary tumor and she will also need to be spayed and have entropian done on both...
  12. ChrisRN

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~~Holland~~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Georgia

    11/6/16: Please welcome Holland. She was found as a stray in Rydal, GA.. Skinny, covered in fleas and with no tags or microchip. She is safe at our vet now and will be getting the vet care she needs and deserves. She likes dogs and young children but we do not know if she likes cats. Update...
  13. ChrisRN

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~~Gretchen~~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Georgia

    10/20/16: Please welcome Gretchen! She joins us from Clayton County Animal Control. She was picked up as a stray and when no one came looking for her she came into our rescue. She is pretty skinny and has a respiratory infection but she is safe and happy. Thank you Darlene, Robert and...
  14. JennieS

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Lucy Kay~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    My name is Lucy Kay (Lulu)! My family had to surrender me because they could not give me the time and attention I need. I am 6 years old, but you would never know it. I act like a puppy. I am a petite, sweet-like-cherry-pie girl. My foster mom says we will be going to the vet this week to...
  15. B

    What can I add for extra calories?

    Since the best thing to chubb anyone up is carbs, and carbs pretty much cause a ton of problems with English Bulldogs (grains, potatoes, rice cause Baxter major problems), is there anything calorie-dense that I can add to his food? And anything that wont cause massive gas? :) The highest...
  16. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Meatball~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Washington

    Meatball is an 8 year old gentle soul. He came to us with with over 75% of his skin a deep red itchy mess. He is a tiny, skinny, sore, itchy bully that just wants to feel normal again. He spent his whole day on his favorite blanket afraid to move and was not fond of being touched. He is...
  17. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~ROCKO~ Bulldog available for adoption in IL.

    Rocko's Info...I am already neutered, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, and not good with dogs. Rocko's Story... Hello everyone! My name is Rocko and I am a sweet bully boy looking for my forever home. I came to IEBR from a local animal control so not much is known about my past...
  18. sunkissedpr1ncs

    Transitioning off the Green Bean Diet??

    So I have had Barkley on the green bean diet for almost a year now and he has lost about 12 pounds (maybe more? - I haven't weighed him a month or 2) and is looking great! He was around 70lbs at first and last time I weighed him was down to 58! Now that his weight/figure is where we want it to...
  19. Opie CHL

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Pirate~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Florida~

    11-15-15 update! He is ready and looking for his forever home! 9-10 UPDATE: Recovering well and gaining weight. Had hernia surgery and neuter today... once stitches and staples are out, will be ready for forever home. Pirate came to BTB from the Cocoa shelter as they felt his medical issues...
  20. AmberXo

    How much does your bully weigh?

    Just out of curiosity, how much does your bully weigh? Brynnlee was 82lbs when I got her :ohmy: I put a stop to that real quick as her breathing was bad, she couldn't go for a walk very far at all let alone play for any period of time. Plus, I was worried about all the extra weight on her...