1. mer55


    We have my son's 7 year old bulldog (Bogey) and Jackson's (ours) 5 month old brother for 5 days over Christmas. My son is a firefighter and will be spending the next 4 days working, and his GF went to her parents in Maine for Christmas, SOOOOO..... we agreed to take his pups. 3 bullies under 1...
  2. mer55

    BOGEY is BAAACK!!!

    Hello all my old friends here on EBN!! It's been so long since my last post! Bogey is alive, well and thriving with my son and his GF. He is now 6, and still such a sweetheart, although a little grumpy old man shows up occasionally!!:tongue: Since my son is a firefighter/paramedic, he is working...
  3. JennieS

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Zoey~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in New York

    Special needs Zoey is looking for her forever home. Zoey is a 1 1/2 yo bulldog/boxer mix. She is a loving peanut weighing under 50 lbs. She was diagnosed with being born with half a functioning brain. This is no way a limitation for her. She is full of energy. When she gets overly stimulated...
  4. SouthernBred

    New England Meet Up?

    Hey everyone I'm looking to see what we have for members from mass, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, maybe even some Vermont and Maine members to do a meet up. Anyone interested? or at least get a roll call going I am Worcester Mass
  5. D

    Vermont and Maine

    Hi, If anyone is in need of information regarding Maine, and especially Vermont, let me know. We've been to Maine 5+ times, and Vermont 10+ times with our Bully. Both are extremely dog friendly, with plenty to do with a Bulldog. Thanks, Dave
  6. LynnA

    Hope everyone is well, stopped by to say hello

    Otis and Winston wanted to drop in and say hello - we are all well here in Maine - with the exception of some skin issues we are seeing a specialist for. Hope all of you and your babies are well also.