1. paw7004

    Hyperkeratosis treatment!

    I recently posted that Porkchop had tough little "hairs" coming out of his paws. One member said it was hyperkeratosis. I took the suggestion to contact my vet. She said I didn't have to come in for an exam if I wanted to try an inexpensive product first. (Which is great because I'm short on...
  2. R

    Hyperkeratosis of the paw pads

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice on how to deal with this. I'm 100% sure that Reggie has hyperkeratosis on his paw pads - his feet look exactly like the pictures I've found online. Now, I've read a lot of information that says the hyperkeratosis has to be trimmed back, and then his pads need to...
  3. Maximus

    Help Needed! Nasal Congestion. What do I do ?

    My Bully, Maximus, suffers horribly with Nasal Congestion. Because he has Hyperkeratosis of his Nose, and it becomes dry and crusty and flakes off, his nostrils become clogged and he is constantly trying to blow his nose all over the house. I have tried Benadryl, but it does not appear to be...
  4. Maximus

    Could my Bulldog be Unhappy and Depressed . . . ?

    I am concerned about my Bulldog. He is 6-years old and his name is Maximus. I see a change in his affect and behavior. He has numerous health problems which could be a part of it. He suffers from Allergies, Entropion, he has Hyperkeratosis of his Paws and his Nose. He is on a lot of medications...
  5. Maximus

    Hyperkeratosis of the Nose

    My Bully, Maximus, has Hyperkeratosis on all four paws and also his Nose. I do use 'Snout Soother' but find the effects don't last long, and large chunks of Maximus' nose actually fall off. His nose is forever cracked and dry, and brittle, very brittle. Has anyone else ever experienced this...
  6. Maximus

    Hyperkeratosis: How to Treat my Bully's PawPad condition?

    Maximus has Hyperkeratosis on all four pawpads. It is severe. I have had to take him to the Vet to have her trim the excess skin because it has "smushed" sideways on the pawpads. I have tried to trim the excess skin myself with scissors and with a dremel, to no avail. Either I need much sharper...
  7. Sabrina Nicole


    Hello. I've noticed that Amber (my EBD) has rough paws and they almost look hairy. I've applied coconut oil which helps a bit with the roughness but they're still hairy looking. I've never seen such a thing but when I search online hyperkeratosis pops up. Does anyone have any experience with...
  8. ChrisRN

    Mabel's Little Nose

    Some of you know how I have struggled with the hyperkeratosis of Mabel's nose. We have tried everything--Snout Soother, Biobalm, coconut oil, and so many other products. Someone suggested Aquaphor, made by Eucerin, but I was using a combination of products because NOTHING seemed to work. Her...