1. Manydogs

    Tips for Amazon Shoppers

    For shoppers, Amazon is the ultimate rabbit hole. You can search for one item, but then you see another item and another, and soon you're careening through a maze of products and deals. All you wanted was a new robe, and 10 minutes later you’re wondering if there’s enough room in the pantry...
  2. helsonwheels


    Dave’s Dog Food Recall of June 2018 Share June 12, 2018 — Dave’s Pet Food of Agawam, MA, is voluntarily recalling a single lot of Dave’s Dog Food 95% Premium Beef cans because the products potentially contain elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone. What’s Recalled? The recalled product...
  3. D

    The loving bowl

    Does anyone use the loving bowl? Is there a coupon code? Thanks so much!
  4. Manydogs

    Got fleas?

    I use Sentry Fiproguard Max if my dogs get fleas,which is not too often. Valuepetsuppies has it on sale for $12. and change for a 3 month supply,for 45 to 88 pounds. It really works, and I have never had any one have a reaction to it. They also have the smaller(weight) size on sale. If you use...
  5. harveyspecter

    Fromm's Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

    Buy One Get One Free Effective on 11/27 or 11/28 Receive one FREE 5 lb. or smaller bag of dog food whey you purchase any sige bag of Fromm dog food. Must go to Fromm's website to print the coupon. Anyway the free item is good on any 5 lb bag, not 26 lbs but i'll take it. Happy Thanksgiving...
  6. D

    Respiratory Problems in Bulldogs

    This thread is courtesy of @harveyspecter Respiratory Problems in Bulldogs Bulldog Respiratory & Breathing: Bulldog health problems such as respiratory (upper and lower airway) conditions are very common due to inbreeding of those "cute", flat face bully features. If you've ever had...
  7. 2bulldogsstuff

    Taste of the Wild

    Hey everyone. If anyone uses this brand. This company is having a sale also you can google an coupon code. Just FYI =) Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  8. P


    I am wanting to try "Natures Logic" for my dog since it is free of synthetic vitamins. So now I an curious: where can I find a coupon for this brand?