1. S


    Like all bullies, my puppy has a sensitive stomach. My last bully was the same way. For food, I have been using Simply Nourish Chicken and Brown Rice flavor from Petsmart 2 times a day with a scoop of cottage cheese on top. I am not getting solid stool from these foods and don't know if helps...
  2. M

    Alopecia x Survey

    I would like to know how many bulldogs in this community have Alopecia X. How many of the bulldogs that are positive to Alopecia X had mothers or fathers that were brindle, and if the sibling you possess with Alopecia X has a different color coat?
  3. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Myla~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Washington

    MYLA has learned and mastered a number of basic commands and will walk politely on a leash. She loves to go riding in cars where she will look around and then lay down. Myla is potty trained and will do her duty when let out and she will use a pee-pad if needed and no one lets her out on a...
  4. tomolson24

    K9 Ruffwear Float Coat

    Has anyone bought the Ruffwear float coat for their bully? My baby is 7 months old and is on the small side for an English bulldog (36lbs)! Our breeder said majority of her girls have been around 40-45, which is right in the wheelhouse of what our vet said Bernice would be! We bought her the...
  5. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Foxie~English Bulldog Available for Adoption

    One toothy smile from Foxie, and you can’t help but fall in love. Estimated to be eight years old, this sweet bully is spayed and was surrendered to a shelter “due to allergies.” Foxie is a friend to humans of all ages. Just keep an eye on those adorable and protruding teeth. She does adore...
  6. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Thor~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Florida

    Thor Age: 4 1/2 Thor is a chubby hunk of love! This brindle and white male has already been neutered, but is in need of a major weight loss plan. He tops the scale at over 70 pounds. Other than his weight his skin and coat look great and he is a very sweet boy. He has been very passive around...
  7. helsonwheels

    What to expect with a Bulldog.

    Came across a great page on Bulldog Care. Great all bully owners. General Bulldog Care* The Bulldog is a very unique breed, the symbol of all things British. However, owning a bulldog is not as*straight forward as you might think. He is a totally man made breed and needs human company...
  8. K

    Help Needed! Tail amputation - looking for some advice please!

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum :) And I'm really looking for some advice regarding tail amputation because I'm very unsure what to do. My beautiful, healthy bulldog boy, Bruiser, is 6 months old and is having a really tough time with his very tight tail. It is very inverted and causing him a...
  9. L

    Help with Dandruff and Itching!!

    Hello fellow Bulldog owners, as this is my new thread please forgive me if I don't post correctly or anything. (Still trying to figure it all out!) Anyways! I have noticed earlier today when i was brushing my bulldog (2.5 yrs old) that she had little white specks on her coat that I am assuming...
  10. michaelsbroly

    Help Needed! Huge Rash/Bump appeared!!!

    We just noticed this huge rash/bump/wart i have no idea what it is it just looks soo bad. we think its a ring worm, but we are not sure. it would be great if could get some help identifying what this is so i can start treatment right away. I tried looking up some of the forums and i saw that...
  11. penguinspam

    Skin Issues again, Little Bald Patches

    We're having skin issues again with Betty. The first time around she was getting hotspots on her neck and had a scaly raised patch of dermatitis right above her tail. The vet gave us a 10 day course of antibiotics and steroid cream. The hotspots went away and the weird scaly patch went back...
  12. JennieS

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Daisy Mae~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Meet Miss Daisy Mae. She was surrendered to the Mt. Pleasant animal shelter. She spent most of her life in a small crate or outside. She is way too thin and has some bald spots that need attention. Her owner gave her to a friend, who later surrendered her because she was too old and too much...
  13. Kimberlie

    Life vest

    Was walking around big lots and noticed they had bright colored life vests. There was a yellow and an orange. It's AKC brand-so hopefully that accounts for something/fingers crossed & only $15-sceptacle on that though. But if it's doesn't work-it's only $15 lol I grabbed the orange large...
  14. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~HOLLY HOLIDAY~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Chicago, Illinois.

    Holly Holiday's Info... I am already spayed, purebred, up to date with shots, good with dogs, and good with cats. Holly Holiday's Story... Hi my name is Holly Holiday and I am four years old. I recently received the gift of freedom as I was rescued from my former life as a mill dog. I will...
  15. T

    Products for my new buddy Is that a good idea? Maybe add some coconut oil also? Any and all suggestions on items to care for my guys skin coat and all that to keep him as healthy as I possibly can Maybe add coconut milk alo and witch hazel to it
  16. codered

    hello everyone!

    I'm from the panhandle of Florida, and i received diamond in august. When i got diamond she was left in a field with little to eat, and a bad skin infection which she still has i just can't seem to get rid of. the first day i got her she had a fever and was very restless. today she is healthy...
  17. D

    House Break-ins

    BEWARE... Dec 30th, day before NYE.. a big night for people to go out and party.. about 6:30pm, after most people would be home from work, an innocent, petite, young girl about 22yrs old, came knocking on my door.. she said she was looking for some friend of hers who lived in "a house that...
  18. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~WILLOW~ English Bulldog with special needs available for adoption in IL.

    Spayed/Neutered • Special needs • Current on vaccinations • Prefers a home without: Dogs and Cats • Primary Color(s): Brindle • Secondary Color(s): White or Cream • Coat Length: Short ABOUT WILLOW This little cuddle bug was born in September of 2015. With a diagnosis of Spina Bifida and...
  19. J

    Help Needed! Fretting over food!!!

    I am fretting ridiculously over what food to feed our 3 1/2 month old English bulldog. We are first time EB owners. We have had Frenchies in the past but never an English. He came to us beautiful and healthy on Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy food from the breeder. His coat was shiny and soft...
  20. Brian Melton

    Chuck hates his new winter coat

    He's not amused....