1. OliviaB

    Ridiculous shedding!

    For about a month now Belle has been shedding like crazy. Before this she rarely dropped any hair so this has been a big change. I'm assuming it's from the season change?? She has been itching a good bit more and today I noticed two tiny spots on her coat where the hair is thin. The skin is not...
  2. Mishell

    A coat for winter

    Just wandering if anyone has found the perfect fitting coat ,here in Australia there is not much around so I'm looking to have one sent from the U.S. or UK but would love suggestions of where to purchase
  3. F

    Shedding woes

    Domino is 5 months and sheds like crazy. His mom came over to play with him and I noticed her coat was really short. My questions is, when will the madness stop?
  4. K

    Help Needed! agression

    Hello all. I know there are a couple of other agression threads started here but i thought i needed to start a new one. I have a 18 EB who until about a month and a half ago has been nothing but an awesome experience. Our only issues we ever had to worry about was puppy biting, jumping on people...
  5. 1Chumly

    AvoDerm Revolving Menu

    I am looking for a new food for Monty. He was on Royal Canin Bulldog when we got him and has been on Victors Healthy weight. I am interested in a revolving menu, grain free. i know Fromms is the go to food on here but I can't quite afford that right now but still want to give him the best...
  6. Vikinggirl

    Spring Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

    Spring cleaning tips for dog owners Share on email Share on print Yes, it’s that time of year. But cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore if you follow our quick and easy tips. You and your pup will both be happier and healthier if you do! Plus, we've got tips for safer cleaning and recipes for...
  7. pcchenard

    VitaHound Supplement

    Has anyone tried the VitaHound Supplement to get rid of food allergies? They make some pretty bold claims, but I'm getting desperate. My almost 1.5 yr old Bulldog Lola has pretty bad food allergies and I have tried several different foods as well as coconut oil with no improvement what so...
  8. bullyface

    Food advice at 17 weeks

    Hodor is almost done with his current bag of food and I'm wondering what we should do next. Here's the story, I'll try to keep it brief: We picked up Hodor from the breeder mid January when he was 11 weeks old. Breeder had him on Iams puppy food so we kept him on this when we brought him...
  9. wendyk313

    Hi Everyone - New Bully Parent

    My name is Wendy and I adopted Bella, a 3 yr old EB on 2-25-15. I adopted her from a local no Kill shelter. They received several EB from an unfortunate animal hording situation. Bella is a super sweet and loving EB. She was kept in this tiny cage and her coat was a mess. But it gets worse...