1. Enjoimangos

    General Question Itchy Bumps

    Hi All, Hope everyone had a good holiday season! I noticed last night that Boris had been itching a bit more than usual as I checked his body for signs I found some bumps in the area he had been itching. I got my flash light and took a closer look to see if there was any redness and there was...
  2. Cali Doll

    Pimples? Bumps? Warts?

    Bella has a couple of small pimple-looking bumps on her leg and face. I don't think they itch, and they're kinda hard. Any thoughts on what this could be?
  3. E

    Help Needed! Multiple bumps on the inner back legs

    Hello, our bulldog developed multiple subcutaneous little bumps on her inner back legs. We took photos the best we could but her moving made them a little blurry. Any advice on how to treat this would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I

    My Bulldogs has perianal Fistula please help

    Hi I have a five year old female bulldog who is my best friend about six months ago right beside her tail she developed what looked like a cut for four months I would watch it bleed then puss would come out not knowing what it was I took her to the vet and found out she had perianal fistula I...
  5. TheFknHansons

    Pimple like bumps on my bully's girl parts

    My roxy has about 4-5 pimple looking bumps with white looking puss on the top of them. These are all on and around her hood area only. Anyone see them before?? I dont know if its infection or just skin irritation???
  6. Mom of Tucker

    Help with skin issue for Sophie

    Sophie has spent the last week with my mother, while Tucker has been neutered. I just picked her up yesterday and noticed that she seems to be missing some hair down the middle of her back. I have a couple of pictures. Any idea what it could be? I've looked at it closely, and there is no real...
  7. TacorisBulldogs

    Is this just a rash?

    Hello, We have a nursing girl here, she had a c-section 14 days ago. I noticed that she has a bunch of little scabs on her front legs that go up under her chin on her neck as well. I feel some little bumps all over her back but I don't see scabs there. The scabs are on her front legs. They...
  8. TacorisBulldogs

    Little scabs

    Hello! Our girl has broken out with these little black scabs all over her front arms and under her chin on her neck. She had a c-section 2 weeks ago so I was worried about staff but I called the vet and they told me it was probably from her milk getting on it...nope. Milk isn't getting on it...
  9. xxaprilrose

    I need help!

    So yesterday while petting Jovi I noticed there were two small and one large bump on her left leg. So I told my fiance about it and he said we will have to bring her to the vet in a few days if it does not clear to so if it's a tumor, I obviously hated to hear those words, but I agreed. We went...
  10. MissPennyLue

    Now hair falling out! Need ideas for questions for vet?

    & I'm ready to pull mine out! haha I don't know if anyone remembers our story...issues w chronic UTI in last year & a half. Vet put her on Hills c/d in Feb as a last effort. No more UTI's but bad allergy issues this spring. Went to new vet in June who agreed to help w food transition. We...
  11. D

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Lola~ English bulldog available for adoption in Indiana

    Lola is a Shelter Pull Intake Date: 06/29/2015 Last Update: 08/08/2015 Location: Indianapolis, IN email:info@indianabulldogrescue.com Age: 7 years Gender: Altered Female Weight: 35lbs Energy Level: Medium Color: Brindle/White Good with other dogs: No Good with cats: Unknown Good with children...
  12. KristaB026

    Hives- not an emergancy- please answer still

    Hi all, Bentley had a hives scare last night. Poor guy was bitten up by ants and I took him to the ER. He was not in any danger but I didn't want to wait and find out. So my question is, How long do you see the bumps on your dog? The vet last night said that they would go down and I barley...
  13. N

    Switched To Raw And Now Won't Eat

    Hi, I have a 23 month old all white with a few brown spots on his face EBD named Diesel Williams. He's my buddy and follows me all over the house and is always next to me. When I got him about 6 months ago he was eating Purina dog food. I knew there were better options so I did a lot of...
  14. C

    First Real Scare!

    After letting Josie go potty, I noticed she had dozens of round raised areas all over her body. She had no pain or itching. Bumps were not hard. Next day it appeared to fade, only to return worse. Her breathing became labored and very lethargic. It grew worse by the minutes. Visited our local...
  15. A

    Does this look like food allergies or environmental allegies?

    Zoey gets these raised bumps on her skin like hives and scratches herself and eventually her hair will fall out and that area is left scabby and crusty. These are mostly located on her sides and back.
  16. O

    People allergic to JUST bulldogs?

    Here is and odd one. My aunt appears to be allergic to Duchess. But the thing is, we have other dogs in the family, including my Aunt's dog, Shitzus, Labs, and she has no reaction to them. She gets small, itchy bumps, and some redness. We tested it last night with Duchess licking one arm and...
  17. B

    Red/bumps on chin

    Biscuit's has had red bumps on his chin for a little while. It's red around that area too. Not sure what it is or what it's from? Please help!
  18. Kmaestas7689

    My new puppies face is red/ pink

    So my puppy Elliot is 8 weeks old today, I've had him for a week and notice that his lips, mouth and top of his head get pink/red. I've researched and see that people suggest allergies. I feed him Eukanuba large breed puppy food and Iams puppy biscuit as a snack. I wipe his face every day and...
  19. Vikinggirl

    Blossom is Super Itchy

    Hey everyone, my son and I took Blossom on a walk this afternoon and we got for in the rain on the way home. Blossom's white fur got dirty from the rain splashing up on her, so we gave her a bath when we got home. We were going to bath Dozer and Blossom on the weekend, but she needed one, so...
  20. A

    Help Needed! Allergic reaction - when to seek help

    Hi :) My BFF Sheldon 5 month old bully spent the weekend at his godparents and their big yard while I was out of town. Since he came back he started itching at his ears the first day, then last night he woke up covered in bumps, (I noticed his hair standing up a bit), his face red and eyes...