1. Chelsie_Marie

    Help! my Bulldog won't walk with me!

    Hey everyone, i'm new to this forum and wondered if anyone could give me some advice. I'm from England and have always had French Bulldogs, last year myself and my husband decided to adopt a Bulldog rescue called Vincent Van Gough (Vinnie for short!) He hasn't had the best start to life and we...
  2. B

    Olde English Bulldog biter

    Hi - I'm hoping there are some with Olde English/Leavitt Bulldogs here - I'm not sure if this is breed-specific behavior. My last dog, Winston Churchill, was a Frenchie, and he was waaaay different as a puppy from my 12 week old Samantha. I've had Samantha since she was 8 weeks old. I know the...
  3. Pati Robins

    Resource Guarding explined from my expierience

    Resource Guarding - i think each and every one of us experienced it at some point -it is a natural canine behavior, in fact thinking about it it is also human natural behavior - think "personal possession protection as well as jealousy".-Because dogs are really no different that us humans...