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  • They were caught off guard, to many new players. They'll be fine.They have one of the best coaches in all of sports in my opinion.
    Thank you, Stephanie~Cami is a DIVA, I think in that pic (avatar) she was
    protesting going outside and had jumped up there and rolled over i.e. dead
    weight! She HATED going outside for any reason now she comes & gets me,
    gives a sharp 'lil bark & leads me to the door to potty, so proud of her! She
    would not before and gave no signals at all, here 5 months now and the 1st
    three were tough, she'd pee ON my bed! Plus, in this past month she's finally
    given me the last 'lil piece of her heart and now...I'm truly Momma :)

    Love your pics, specially the sig one! Kiss Tubby from us, GOD bless!
    did you send a friend request? I cant check at work they blocked FB but when i get home i will..hopefully they don't block EBN!
    ha ha ok..hes ChumleyBerbs..whats yours? it was weird once I made the page I got a so many requests from other bulldogs..I didn't realize how many crazies there were out there like us!
    I treat Chum like a skin kid too! I just made him his own FB page which my wife thinks is very strange..it probably is but its fun.
    Oh yes, you've brought up two other issues I don't tollerate, either. Eating on the phone! My partner does that and I tell her "Don't eat on the phone, good grief!" nobody wants to hear you chomping on the other line. And the evil speaker phone. Oh that one really gets me. You can't be on speaker phone and hear the other person talking while you're talking. HELLO! There's a lag time between talking so the other person starts talking but then you're also talking..Madness.
    I have a hard time reading/looking at pictures of abused animals. I am no where near a violent person by any means but nothing gets my blood boiling faster than an abused animal. I wish those abusers would have to face the same abuse they put on their innocent animals. I could see myself in jail rather quickly over this issue - that's why I just can't deal with it. Somebody would be missing some teeth, and it wouldn't be me. God bless you for working in a call center.
    Hey, I've worked in two call centers before - it's a hard job to say the least! Mind if I ask what company you work for? Just curious. Because of my call center jobs I have a "phone etiquette" that I follow when I call a company. I put the tv on mute and everyone is told to be quite. I *HATED* when rude customers would call in and either the TV is blaring in the background or people are talking really loudly or music is too high. So rude!
    Hi Stephanie, Just popped by your profile page after sending you the message about Buster and looked at the pics of Tubby. He is SO CUTE!!!!!! Love the one on the tiger blanket. Totally adoraBull :D
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