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  • Oh my Chunk is a handsome one! Funny pics! Love the Michigan gear too! Glad to see another Goonies fan here as well! Yes, my Petunia is the Cookie Monster, you would never guess it by her size, haha! Glad you are here! Alix
    OMG!!!! Goonies quotes!! We have to be bully friends...... I think I smell ice cream...... ORV 4wheel drive bullet holes the size of matzo balls!
    Thank you!! EBN is pretty awesome. Still trying to get to know stuff. Apollo and Enzo will be 8 months tomorrow. They are good pooches, they cuddle like that a lot. I need to post some more pics.
    Ok so I saw one of your posts and realized that I needed to stop by and say hi! My name is Turi and my boy is chunk also! I'm judging by your user name that he got the name from the Goonies! Our Chunk too. So funny. Anyway, hope you are enjoying the forum. I used to be on here much more, but life had gotten very busy! Hoping to get on here more in the near future! :)
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