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  • Yes you must!! My daughter scared me to death with her last anxiety attack. I thought I had permanently damaged her because I didn't realize that was what was happening until I took her to the doctor. Then I cried because I had put it down to being spoiled. We have it all straightened out now but I still suffer guilt over it. Please take care of yourself.
    I can't wait for the day when he calms down enough to just lay with me and my girlfriend and watch tv :)
    Thank you so much. I would post more pictures but most of the ones I have are too many kilobytes. Everyone is so nice here. This is great
    wow...need my sunglasses on to come here :cool: ahhh thats better. Thankyou for sharing your wisdom with me...I do actually feel a little better now I think its last minute jitters...Its all happened fast I saw him only a few nights ago and I go get him in the morning :dancing: Thanks again xx
    Happens to all of us, lol. You're very welcome! I'm a blond ditz so you're in great company. :up:
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