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  • hi there, i just moved to georgia and wanted to say hi since youre in georgia too!! :)
    I am SO not good with this website's technology yet. Let me know if you didn't get my reply to your private message--I don't see it, but I'm not sure if I'm looking in the right place. (Pathetic :no:.)
    omgā€¦my Dad is from Milwaukee, I love to hunt in the cold weather, and vacation some, But i'm not about to go ice fishing again hahahaha, when during the holidays are you going to the carribean, They are sailing on the Royal Carribean to San Juan, I'm thinking their catching the boat in Florida somewhere, probably around Lauderdale, or Miami, How old is your daughter?
    I'm in the sportsman's Paradise they call it, Honey Island swamp and the Pearl River is my backyard, I'm 5 miles to Lake Pontchartrain, and a bunch of my friends do the Offshore fishing deal, So were always fishing, Freshwater or Saltwater, Inshore and offshore. I'm very familiar with Atlanta, as I use to fish Cartersville, and Rome area, and of course who could forget the Gulf Coast, and my favorite place in the whole world Orange Beach, Flora Bama, Pour me up a Margaritta lolā€¦.. Awesome place to liveā€¦.. I bet you love it there, very close friend of mine lives in Atlanta, he and his wife, and the other is in Macon, their all planning a New Years Cruise to the Carribean they just invited me on.
    Nope, I build custom fishing rods, for Fishing Guides, women and children, and one shortly for EBN themed as a "Bully Rod" I have a page on Facebook as "North Shore Custom Rods" my younger brother is into hot Rods, but after 12 years of Law Enforcement, I've had enough driving fast lol
    Thank You Rachael, and second, of all the Pets, (I try never to use the "D" word,) i've ever owned, Rocky has stolen my heart, guessing because of the loss of his family, being adopted by me, He's only a year old, and he OWNS me, Rocky has stolen my heart, In as much as I need Him, he Needs me, and together he really compliments my life. I just feel everyone feels as strongly as I do about Rocky, with their Pets, But evidently they don't because the Rescue operation is in full swing, The abused Bully's are still out their, I can't ever see going backwards to another breed, Rocky is truly my best friend, and I spend so much time researching the internet when he and I aren't playing, to find ways to be a better Dad to my Kid Rockyā€¦.. I can't wait until you get "Emma" or "Aubri" you will see just how affectionate these guys are, and how much they just want to please you, and how quickly and closely you grow together as 1. Awesome!! :yes:
    Every time I try to respond to your post, about how you came about your EB, I go to add to your reputation lol, and it says, waitā€¦ only can give reputation once per post Lmbo, absolutely wonderful post Rachaelā€¦. I thoroughly enjoyed your insights, ideals, your struggles etcā€¦. touched my heart. If I can't add more than once, I dang sure want to express my thoughts to you anyway !!
    It is Ra shell, thanks for asking! I'm excited for you to be getting one, they are so fun :) my kids just love him, I'm sure your daughter is super excited!
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