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  • I'm not sure if it's a 4 paw option only or not. I've been one for so long....it just might be. I tried to take a screen shot to show you, but I think I'm only allowed to post a photo if it has a url link.
    We have construction going on close by the house, and that isn't helping things eitherā€¦ LOL Oh I let my dogs out a lotā€¦ just early in the day when it's cool we probably spend at least an hour outside and then when the sun goes down we spend another hour out there. Walter loves being outside, and so does Roxie my boxer. You just have to be very careful about the tempsā€¦ if it's really HOT then they can't stay out long at all :( I would say 10-15 min maxā€¦ Our bully Bella overheated once and it was horrible, she survived but we were super scared. I have only bathed Walter when he smelled like pee, I don't bathe them often at all. I'm allergic to dogs too (I get shots) and for some reason the wet dog hair drives me crazy, but honestly unless they are filthy I don't bother w/it. With all the skin allergies they have the constant bathing can make it worseā€¦ I would say a wipe down to get the mud/dirt off should be enough for her.
    Of course, that place is a money pitā€¦ LOL Everything is doing ok, my allergies are killing me :( I'm ready for spring to endā€¦ LOL Walter is doing greatā€¦ I caught him digging a mud hole in the backyard todayā€¦ ;)
    If you do make it to the petsmart on weir canyon, ask for Kiki. She know a bit about bulldogs and pugs. Take Mia with you as Kiki will love to see her. :)
    Katie is the trainer we always use when we go. We are actually thining about taking another advanced class with her. Every class she does a fun trick to teach your dog besides the normal sit, stay, etc... During the last class we started working on getting Cinnamon to ride a skatebaord and I really want to go back and work on it, lol.
    I haven't been to that petsmart. It would probably be closer to me, I'm right where the 57 and 91 meet. But your doing good by starting her off young on the training. For dogs its all about repitition. A puppy wont stay long but she will get the idea as she gets older. The treats are fine for her at that age. Just make sure she doesn't have any reactions to them, if she does, try another. Try to make sure you get treats of good quality. Start the crate treats with one little treat every hour or so, and let her "discover them". If it takes her some time to find them, get excited and tell her about them. Remember the idea is to get her thinking the crate is fun, exciting and her place. After she goes to the crate with a little regularity, you can close the door after she walks in, no need to latch it,keep it closed for a few seconds to get her used to it being closed. Gradually increase the time. Before you know it, she will think of the crate as her bedroom.
    Sorry about the mess of messages. They limit them to 1000 characters, so i had to split it up.
    If you haven't thought about it yet, I do recommend puppy training classes. We took the the puppy class at petsmart, and loved it. Its more training for you. They show you haw to teach your puppy. But, we had so much fun that we did the intermiediete and advanced class there as well. If you go check it out ask for Katie, she loves bulldogs and tell her that Pepper and Cinnamon sent you, lol. We took our puppies there after hearing everyone tell us "bulldogs are not smart", "they can't be taught" bla bla bla. I'm proud to admit that our bulldogs did better than every other dog there. They might be strong willed but they do learn. They are mostly food motivated, so use that to your advantage.
    As far as the crate goes, you want to make the puppy see the crate as a good and rewarding place. To start we would leave the crate door open and just randomly toss a treat inside for the puppies to find and get excited about. After a while they will just go to the crate to look for treats. Makes them interested in the crate. Every night we would give them a treat after walking into the crate. Now all we need to do is mention the crate and they bolt over to it and sit inside. They also grow to love their crate. We find that they will go there to take naps witht he door open, cause its their own personal little cave. We have a towel over the top and part way down one side so they feel like they are in their den. We did have our puppies whine alot at first, I'm pretty sure its because they miss us and are a little scared to be alone. Just let them learn that you are not going to come get them because they are crying.
    I shop mostly at the petsmart off the 91 at weir canyon. For treats we buy the Nutro brand crunchy treats. They come in a variety of flavors and are good for training and general treats. We also buy this tub of dog treat jerky from costco. I forgot the nameof it but it has a ton in it, and its not expensive.

    Also speaking of the petsmart, thats a great place to take your dog for socialization. We would take them their or home depot (they allow dogs in the store) just to get them used to being around other people and behaving themselves.
    Top right should be a bar that says "customize my profile". Select that and you will have so many options to choose from. In order to get the photo....I had to find a photo from the web that I liked. I had to save it to an album and select it from there. If you look under my photo album...you will see the ones that had profile options that I've collected.
    They can have fruti any time. Just start with small peices and watch their stool after. Bullies are very different across the board and they can all have different reactions to what they eat. I was lucky and found a really good food on the third try. We give our bullies treats for training and positive reinforment for doing what we ask, like going into their crate for bed time. Main thing is to get quality treats/food and make sure they poop ok. Mine will eat anything you give them wheather or not it upsets their tummys, lol. Mine are also a little wierd as they think ice cubes are treats. So we use those alot too. Plus they make a great way to help them cool down after being outside on a warm day.
    Ya no problem. Congrats on the new puppy. Feel free to ask anything. I'll help as best I can.
    Yes....she is a huge handful. She sleeps on the table, pushes her brothers buttons, talks back......it's never ending. She hates the word "no". She is the reason that EBN has the PITA award.
    Walter has been limping, and I'm pretty sure he will have to see a vet this week :( I just hope it's nothing too seriousā€¦ sigh! I've been keeping him on a strict feeding schedule because my house is insanity as wellā€¦ my daughter is home schooled right now, and I watch my 2 year old grandson at times. Chaos seems to be the norm around hereā€¦ LOL I try to take him out every 2 hours to pee/poo but sometimes that doesn't work. Our house has a HUGE downstairs area and it's impossible to watch him every second. I don't really consider myself a proā€¦ LOL All dogs are completely different, so you end up adjusting to what their needs are. I think it's a great idea to keep Mia on a schedule, especially when you are juggling kids, work, etcā€¦ Enjoy your Sunday ;)
    Hi Yvette, I'll definitely stay in touch, and you can always ask me or any other member for advice, I'll answer as best I can. That's why we're all on here, to help each other, and learn from each other.
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