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  • Its ok about the messages. Love love love all the information. I am going to go and check out the treats asap. Is that ok to give to a puppy 8wks? I was not doing the treat thing in the crate I would put her in there once she fell asleep outside of her crate (in living room). I want her to do what your dogs do know that it is not for punishment its for napping and being alone when she wants. I am starting today on the treat thing and leaving the door open. As far as the classes yes I want her to be a obedient dog. I have been teaching her already sit and lie down and she is doing pretty good. Of course she only does about 10 min of it and then sees something and off she goes. lol. I am going to look into the classes and that is close to where I am. I usually go to the on in Fullerton off harbor and Orangethorpe. Do you not like that one?
    The treats that your giving them for training what are they? Are they store bought? You have brought up such a good point I never thought about is giving her treats when she does what I want and especially going into her crate. I have to get her very tired and then kind of trick her into her crate. Funny thing is during the day she is ok going into her crate but at night she wants nothing to do with it she will chew on it and whine to get out. So I am going to use ur method of treats when she does what I want. This is my very first bully always wanted one since very little so my husband bought me one for this mothers day (early gift). So I am asking a lot of questions and researching daily. So thank you for that lil wake up call :idea2: which will make my life easier. thank you.
    Thank you so much. Can I ask when is the earliest you fed your dogs (puppies) fruit? Well if you have a lot of people have told me to do that instead of treats. I'm a lil clueless on when is the best time to start her on that. How are you dogs doing?
    Hello was looking for people in So Cal to talk to about bulldogs. I live in Anaheim as well more towards Anaheim Hills area. Just got my first english bulldog puppy. I would love to be able to talk to someone a little closer to home and get some advice from you on what to expect my baby girl is only 8wks right now. Thank you for your time. Yvette
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